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:wavey: Just wondering how other hospitals/facilities work their differentials How much do you get? Is it fixed or percentage based? Is there a maximum you can get? Where I work it is... Read More

  1. by   vamedic4
    Like Roy, I work for a not for profit hospital...
    my diff as a tech is 3.50 for nights and 5.00 on weekends (LVNs make this diff as well). Diff for RNs is 4.50/nights and 6.00/weekends.
    Charge diff is 2.00.
  2. by   RNSacht
    My hospital offers a 10% differential for 3-11 and 15% for nights. NO differential for weekends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angryfire And we work every other weekend. This is one of the MAIN reasons Im LOOKING:spin: :uhoh21: . Also I work 7a-7p and we do not get ANY more $$ for the last 4 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   Chaoticdreams33
    Quote from seeandwhy
    I think my hospital is one of the best in giving shift diff... $5.50 for evening M-F
    $6.25 S-S
    $7.50 for night M-F
    $8.25 S-S
    plus the hospital's benefits are are excellent!
    I'd say so!!!
  4. by   ElvishDNP
    No charge diff that I know of.
    3-11 is $4/hr
    11p-7a is $6/hr
    Weekends 7a-7p you get 1.5x your base rate
    Weekends 7p-7a you get 1.67x base rate.

    Do you see why I work weekend option??
  5. by   chuckd
    $6 weekends
    $2.50 or 3.50 for nights, not sure which off the top of my head.
  6. by   rnin02
    3-11= $3
    11-7 =$4
    weekends for nights is 3-11=$7, 11-7= $8. Our weekend diff starts at 11pm friday until 11pm sunday. i can't remember what 7a-3p gets on the weekends.
  7. by   RNinSoCal
    CNA union hospital
    we get raises every 6 months until 2009 !!
    10% differential for eves
    15% differential for nocs
    2.5% differential for weekends
    no caps on differentials
    Charge nurse pay is 1$ more per hour, preceptor pay is 1$ more per hour
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  8. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Quote from seeandwhy
    I think my hospital is one of the best in giving shift diff... $5.50 for evening M-F
    $6.25 S-S
    $7.50 for night M-F
    $8.25 S-S
    plus the hospital's benefits are are excellent!
    Where are you?
  9. by   LilRedRN1973
    Wow...I always knew my facility wasn't very competitive in their pay, but now it's glaringly apparent. We get 10% of our base pay for nights. That's weekend, no evenings (we do 12-hour shifts). The facility closer to my home pays even worse (depending on what you make per hour) with a night differential of $2.25 (I make around $27/hr plus my 10% differential so it's more here than at the other place) but I think they may offer a weekend differential.

    I am pretty sure for charge it's a $1/hr more and I think for precepting/mentoring an Apprentice Nurse or a New Grad it's also $1/hr more.

    Melanie = )
  10. by   jannrn
    the ones I know about:

    $10/hr nights
    none for days
    none for weekends
    $1/hr to float
  11. by   mom2michael
    10% evening diff
    20% night diff
    0% for weekends, unless you work the weekend option which is ALWAYS Fri, Sat, Sun and you get 10% extra
    Charge gets 10%
    No extra pay for precepting new grads, you get a $50 gift certificate for new scrubs and a dinner for 2 at a local rest.

    We also work 12 hour shifts, when I work days - I get nothing for my last 4 hours....when I work nights, I get 10% for 3.5 hours and 20% for the remaining hours up to 7:30 a.m. It's weird.
  12. by   RunningWithScissors
    Wow, I knew my hospital stunk in the bene dept but it has the suckiest differentials posted yet!

    Technically there is a 1.00 diff for evenings, but everyone works 12's, and you don't get anything extra for the last 4 hours (3-7pm).

    Nites get 2.00/hr.

    Weekends, nothing extra, but we do have a weekend program, they get time and a half for Fri after 3pm thru sunday, only no vacation or sick time, and can only take one weekend off every six months. Believe it or not, they actually get people to work it!!!!

    Nothing extra for precepting, not even a meal ticket.

    50 cents an hour for charge.

    Nothing extra for working holidays, not even an extra day off. It's supposedly calculated into the total ETO, which you get to use when they call you to stay home on availability.
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  13. by   clee1
    $3/hr for nights and $2.50/hr for weekends. Cumulative; i.e., weekend nights is $5.50/hr shift diff.

    There is additional PTO credit for nights and weekends for FTEs.

    I have no idea about charge or precept diffs.