1. Nurses and students, please share your most awesome nursing information websites!!

    I found this one not long ago. It has a wealth of cardiac info--even PowerPoint demos of procedures like stent placement.

    I also love the ICUFAQs website: Good, practical, and informative:

    What are your favorites???
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  3. by   dawngloves
    I like this RT site. Good vent info!
  4. by   capgirl
    I found this one to be a good review of strips.

    Sleepyeyes, I really liked that ICUFAQS - Thanks!
  5. by   healthcarespani
    Is it ok to promote my own??
    Offering onsite medical Spanish courses nationwide.
  6. by   NMAguiar
    OK, I'll promote the site I'm part of -- but truly feel is the best source of breaking California nursing news:

    It's updated daily -- sometimes multiple times -- with everything of interest to nurses that is published in Golden State newspapers. Cool stuff.

    It's not only a great way to follow your profession, but also track what the media is saying about nursing.
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  8. by   christianRN
    I like Nurse Bob's MICU-CCU survival guide. About EVERYTHING you can imagine related to critical care.
  9. by   jessjoy
    do you have the site for Nurse Bob's MICU-CCU survival guide? That sounds like a great site!
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    has taken to the showers.

    Wierd, they needed to update, but man I never thought they would pack it up.