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As a male in nursing, I feel that I am sometimes treated differently because of my gender. I believe that I am expected to carry a heavier patient load with less assistance from my female coworkers.... Read More

  1. by   sanakruz
    What horseshit! 20 lashes with a wet noodle to your adminstrator!.Tell them to hire a security service or next time its 911 and a call to local news team.
  2. by   ERN
    Youda...You've warmed the cockles of my heart...Thank you

    6 figures are entirely do-able as a nurse....I did ER nursing for quite a while and I made $1000.00 a week. Isn't that 6 figures? Now I have stopped working and am contemplating on whether I want to stay in nursing or not.

    This whole sexism thing.....Isn't it suppose to be that way? All this lifting, pulling stuff is enough to give me a backache and all this nasty, backbiting, territoriality.......well it gives me a pain in my feminine side. Quite honestly, I'm ready to get out of nursing and get into horticulture.
  3. by   sanakruz
    I guess there isnt any other way but there ought to be a better way. So lets keep up the dialogue.

    Listen soldier, leaving isnt an option.....

    What do you know about hydroponics?
  4. by   Youda
    ERN, now you KNOW that gardening is women's work, dontcha?
  5. by   ERN

    When I initially started working as an RN, I was the only male RN in the house. One day I was "floated" to the dreaded PSYCH unit. I damn near stained my nickers. Then I found out that not only was I the only one in graduate school, but I was the only one with a friggen degree!! I straightened my cap and walked right up to the head nurse to inquire about my assignment. I was told that I was assigned to just one pt......A huge retarded man who was very, very upset. Of course, he was locked in the isolation room which did wonders for his outlook on life. One of the STAFF had taken his matches away from him because there was no smoking on the unit, but the clever bastard let him keep his cigarettes so now he was attempting to dismantle the psych wing looking for his matches. The head nurse( may god strike her with a meteor )told me to go in and take the cigs from him. I looked through the isolation window and no longer had any doubt about the stain in my nickers. I thought it over and asked what this had to do with the therapeutic milieu. As god is my witness...this women said to me, " Don't try any of that psych crap on me, i've been a nurse for 25 yrs". I explained to her that if we took this man out for a smoke he would probably calm down and stop pulling the radiator out of the wall. I quess i'm just too curious because then I asked how it came to be that I was pulled from a cardiac unit to come to work on a seemingly fully staffed psych unit. quessed it, they noticed that my nursing expertise was concentrated about a foot below my navel and I was the perfect nurse to manhandled this 325lb murderous ball of rage. Well, I was "ordered" to go into this room and "get those cigarettes". I gave it a passing thought. Should I go in? After all, I had all that nursing theory to protect me. Common sense prevailed and I asked the secretary to page the nursing supervisor who had reassigned me. I then explained to the head nurse while keeping one eye open for meteors that I not only wouldn't go in there alone but that I was calling his doc to get him a sedative and reevaluation. The short version is that the super showed up and there were many silly words spoken like "you'll never work again", I'm reporting you to the board of nursing"
    I finally ascertained that I had no legal assignment as I had given up the cardiac pts. and never accepted the wild man of Borneo, so I pulled up my panties and went home. Just another case of naked, ugly, sexism against male RN"s.
  6. by   ERN
    Sorry for the absence.....I left because I love
  7. by   ERN
    chinese food and went out for a bite to eat with my significant other.
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    All I know is that you dip it in water and it grows....and I am very imbued with the delicate botanical arts Youda.
  9. by   nurs4kids
    well, <sigh>..
    Yes, sexism is a major problem and I totally validate your experience. It must be horrible for you. How tragic. I feel so embarassed to say I am a female nurse in this profession. How horrible.

    you guys feel better now?
  10. by   panda_181
    You know, I have to agree with what you're saying, and I can see that you would feel "used" in a way, but it can also goes both ways. A man will call on a woman for her "womanly advise" on something she is stronger in and he is weaker in, just as women will call on men when they are too weak to do it themselves and can see your bulging muscles...

  11. by   Q.
    I feel a nurse, regardless of gender, should be used to their best capabilities in providing care to the patient. If a male nurse can lift or maneuver a patient in a more effective way, causing less potential injury to the patient, then by golly you do it. If I can start an IV with one stick versus your 5, then for the sake of the patient, I do it.

    That's how I view it. Plain and simple. If that's invalidating, so be it.
  12. by   Dayray
    Originally posted by nurs4kids
    there IS a preference among female patients to not have male nurses doing caths, etc. I wouldn't want a male nurse cathing my 3yr old daughter and it's nothing against male nurses. It's a simple fact that I don't want my daughter to become accustomed to a man touching her private area, as this is something she knows is forbidden. A male doctor? Society has placed doctor's (male esp) on a pedestal..they are not typical in society's eyes..not average. Male nurses are average. So, it's easier to accept a male doc examining a female than it is a male nurse. Sad, but fact.
    This attitude disgusts me! Doctors (male or female) are human beings there are good ones and bad ones. They are not above average and are not somehow morally superior to male or female nurses.

    Crap like this is why I get funny looks from nurses when I tell them I work OB/GYN

    For your information, I have had two incidents when my care was declined by a female patient one was a middle eastern woman and the other was a young lady that was told by another RN that she should request a female nurse.

    I have however had many cold looks and hateful comments from nurses like you who refuse to believe my interest in my work originates from above my waist.

    I resent being refereed to as average and defiantly resent the implication that doctors are somehow superior to me.

    Why not teach your daughter that it's okay for the doctor to touch her because he does so out of necessity and in order to help her, instead of teaching her that he is somehow above average or that the M.D. stands for Medical Deity and he is now so holy he is able to restrain his animal impulses while male nurses are not. And don't try to pawn this off on society, society is made up of individuals and not all of them think the way you do.

    it makes me sick!
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  13. by   RainbowSkye
    Sexism in nursing (a female point of view)
    As a female in nursing I feel that I am sometimes treated differently because of my gender. In my current job I work with a registered nurse in a small emergency room who happens to be male. The reason I am assigned to work with him is because he is inexperienced in the ER. I am expected to carry my workload and also supervise his. He expects me to do everything related to female patients: obtain urine specimens, cath, help them undress, give injections, assist with pelvic exams....despite the fact that I don't ask him to do this for my male patients. I am also expected to help him when he has a heavy/obtunded/difficult patient to move.
    In addition to this, I must care for every complex patient because he cannot. "We'll get Skye to do this, she knows what's she's doing". A short while back his patient needed a dopamine drip. He went to the medicine room to get it and then just threw it at me and left the room.
    Nursing is female dominated, for better or worse. And, yes, women approach some things differently than men. That being said, nothing irks me more than hearing a man say that as soon as there are more men in nursing we won't have any more problems (such as low pay, short staff, whatever). How insulting and demeaning is that (as well as untrue)?
    Just my opinion (after 28 years of nursing).