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  1. by   deathnurse
    Sometimes I'll let her out and give her extra food if the seams are straight.
  2. by   mario_ragucci
    I am a lazy american, with few skills, and couldn't dream of developing the knowledge to sew together any fabric to wear. You see, I am also a consumer, and I am programmed to just buy things with money I "earn." I can't imagine sewing a simplicity pattern to the scrubs of my choice (too complicated :-(
  3. by   Sekar
    My wife not only sews all of her scrub uniforms, she makes all of mine too. I don't like to wear solid color scrub tops (sorry to those of you guys who think real male nurses don't wear prints, we do) and when I find fabric I like (wolves, eagles, bears, halloween, christmas, etc...) she makes the shirts for me and I have several pairs of solid colored pants she made me so that I can co-ordinate the colors. She makes my shirts and pants with LOTS of pockets (can't have too many pockets on a scrub suit) and to fit me, as most off the shelf scrubs are too short on me.
    Of course the quality of home made scrubs FAR exceeds that of store bought scrubs, at least mine do. Double stitched pockets, serged seams, etc.... I guess that expensive sewing machine I got her was worth the investment.
  4. by   emily_mom

    Is this what you're looking for???

    Ohio State Scrubs
  5. by   Mama Val
    I used to sew my own because I couldn't find anything soft enough in patterns or colors that I liked that fit (typical). I have the softest flannel tops that I would sew then wear in the nursery. Now all I wear are "store bought" scrubs.
  6. by   altomga
    I am not a great seamstress, but my mother can sew like a banshee!! She has made me a lot, from tops, to pants, and even a sweater, and jackets too of course.
    It is really nice to have scrubs that only cost about $6 for top and pants. We go searching on the dollar a yard rack and you can find lots of good stuff!!!! I love Garfield and it is hard to find different scrub tops, so off my mom goes and poof! I have a Garfield top and jacket.
    She has even made me a huggie for my stethescope that matches my Garfield scrub top. STYLING DUDE!!
    It does save a bundle on scrubs, and they fit right.
    Best thing, you can always change things, from the size of the pockets to adding little spots just for pens, etc.....
  7. by   renerian
    Does anyone know if I could purchase a pattern for them? Just wondered if anyone knew if someone had one. I can look myself. I Love to sew but my machine got dropped and the flywheel is broken.

  8. by   louloubell1
    My hubby bought me a sewing machine about 7 or 8 months ago, because I really wanted to learn to make my own scrub tops. I bought a couple of "simply easy" patterns, that said the scrub tops were a 1 hour project. I tried, but I learned that I am a very, very bad seamstress. 8 months later, I have about half a scrub top to show for all my hard work. I give up.

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  9. by   obeyacts2
    there are all sorts of patterns put out by the major pattern companies, Simplicity, McCalls, etc. Thats what I bought, then alter to fit. Im short, fat and have hardly any shoulders.

  10. by   eldernurse
    Right On obeyacts2!!! Contrary to popular belief we are not all nurses like on TV. Most of us are real people in the real world.
  11. by   Teshiee
    I use to sew in highschool and I can a little but I would need instructions could someone pm me? I would love to sew scrubs you save lots of money. I have plenty of new scrubs to tear apart!!!!!!
  12. by   renerian
    Thanks I will check out the patterns.

  13. by   Audreyfay
    I used to sew all mine. We could only use a certain "teal" fabric and a "spirit" print. I could have purchased them, but I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses. None of the pre-sewn ones would be long enough. It actually worked very nice. But, I had to purchase the material from a uniform shop. Did not save money, but had very nice scrubs that fit perfectly!