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  1. I am trying to revamp schedule efforts on my unit (45 bed tele). Can anyone give me your experience with self-scheduling and what guidelines do you use for creating it. Thanks!
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  3. by   Katnip
    On my (brand new unit) We divide employees into three teams. It has nothing to do with seniority.

    Team one gets a few days to put their schedule in first, then team 2, team 3, internal agency, and external agency.

    Each scheduling period, the teams rotate so everyone gets a chance to choose first.
  4. by   pa2mi2
    Thanks, how do you handle vacations and holicays?
  5. by   purplemania
    I like the team approach. We also have written guidelines as to how many weekends must be worked (and what hours constitute a weekend), how to exchange work days with a co-worker, etc. The guideline is attached to the schedule for ready reference.
  6. by   Katnip
    Yes, since I'm so new to this I forgot the weekends. We're required to work one weekend and three evening/nights per schedule period.

    Vacations, (it will be a long time before I get one) are done by submitting it as soon as you know when you want it. If there is a conflict, I believe it's done by who submits first. My manager and staff members said in the six years she's been doing this nobody has had a vacation turned down. She really make a huge effort to accomodate everyone.

    I also noticed that a lot of people here say night shift is smaller than days. Not ours. We maintain the same ratio day and night. If we end up short and manager cannot get agency in, she comes in herself to help.

    I think I got really lucky to get on this unit. I'll be spoiled rotten if I ever leave.
  7. by   webbiedebbie
    Our unit does self scheduling also. If a shift is not filled, a "short list" is posted. This is usually filled in with float pool to sign up. We can also sign up as extras. The empty schedule is put out 2 months in advance to give the coordinator time to fill any empty slots. Most are filled in. We have the requirement of working weekends and holidays, but if the shift is filled adequately, usually no problems are encountered. The coordinator keeps track of who worked the last holidays. Some people like to work weekends, so that frees up the rest of the staff.
  8. by   Tweety
    I worked on a unit that had self-scheduling. We just signed up with the guidelines that we had to work four weekend days a 4-week schedule. Weekend days could be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for us working nights.

    If there were imbalances people would be moved without trying to give them a bad schedule.

    Worked out o.k. for the most part.

    Vacations were on a first come first serve basis usually. Rarely did someone get a vacation denied.
  9. by   nimbex
    Once a year we plot out "tracks", senior to newest person. Tracks stay in place for an entire year. We work every other weekend and during two weeks, there are 4 monday's and 4 friday's, we must sign up for 2 of them.

    Seniority is the key for us, when choosing between 2 people, but there are two gate keepers who work on schedule changes to ensure everyone gets days off, and finangles switches, one is new, one senior.

    We NEVER have a problem with the new person being crapped on, we just don't treat our staff that way, seniority takes places for the yearly track schedules, vacations are first come, but we ALL try to switch schedules so no one is told no.

    Also, no ones schedule is just "switched" with out their consent. If there is a problem with one person not doing their part, the manager gets involved and negotiates.