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Anyone read the article in the November issue of the Self magazine about the state of nursing. What were the general thoughts about it how it portrayed nursing and the whistleblowing that it did? ... Read More

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    Okay, I haven't had a chance to read all these responses, but where can I find this article to read it? Off hand, I didn't see a link so that I could read it online, and I haven't seen it myself. Thanks!

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    After 16 years in ICU I recommend my 3 teenage daughters stay away from hospital work of any type.
    Experienced hospital workers protecting their children from harm creating Hospital Nurse shortage??
    Average age of RN 45 would mean half over and half under 45. I don't see anywheres near that much grey hair at the bedside.
    More nurses over 45 wont work in hospitals, or hospitals wont hire nurses over 45?
    Me thinks more nurses have been used up by 45, cast out by the hospital and listed as "no rehire"
    Hospital bedside nurse careers too often end in betrayal.
    In America you have legal right and freedom of speech, just no guarentee you won't get hurt for using it.
  4. by   grouchy
    Our hearts are with you fiestynurse!

    I was glad to learn that California has passed a Whistleblower law. Is this specific to California or is it a federal law?

    Can we e-mail comments to Self magazine? If so, can someone post a link here? Maybe we can inundate them with mail!

    Fiesty, you have given us all a "Christmas gift".
  5. by   WriteStuff

    DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR FIGHT for what you know is RIGHT, regardless of the crap you read written by the likes of "Jane Sale".

    She's been there for "19" years, is vested, has cozied up to the management brass all those years, and now she's a pawn in their game.

    No one doubts that quality care exists at a place like Cottage, but Jane Sale doesn't have the gonads to face up to the serious issues we ALL know exist EVERYWHERE for Nurses.

    Better yet fiestynurse, give us the e-mail link to that newspaper so we can bombard them with some "letters to the editor"........we can all be from Santa Barbara because we're your sisters in this profession. Even if they don't print our letters it gives us a voice on the issue to the newspaper.

    We're behind you in this might even consider starting a new thread to enlist direct e-mailing support by all of us to this editor. Just a thought. We want to help in any way can fiestynurse.

    "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail." This is exactly what you are doing fiestynurse. When Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that he wrote it out of his own life experiences, and they must have been similar to what you are choosing to do.

    We are on this path with you.........

    Bonnie C. in Minnesota
  6. by   Mijourney
    Hi feistynurse. Since I've not met you, it would appear from your posts that you're not self-promoting. I would be willing to bet that every generation of nurses have had those "fiesty" few that have stood their ground for the good of all involved and paved a way to higher ground. Your sacrifices and the sacrifices of other nurses will hopefully lead to better opportunities for those entering nursing in the future and for those who are in nursing for the long haul. Give yourself that pat on the back and hang in there. There has got to be light at the end of the tunnel somewhere.
  7. by   hadit
    Found this thread mentioned on another nurse site. Very interesting to say the least. Seems there is no lack of support here for you! We have to speak out to get the attention to the problems nursing is having. Many are too afraid for their job to do so. We are in a transition and for things to get better it takes work and speaking out. Glad you had the courage to do so.

    To nursiev
    Something similar to what happened to you occured on my unit about 11 years ago....the start of the slide in nursing from my view. The newer head nurse ( old title for unit manager) was sitting in report a rare occasion to be sure. One RN who had a team of patients to herself 11 med/surg stated we needed help as the floor was heavy. She was right in my mind and the other staffs, but not to the head nurse. Of course no one realized it until she came out of his office in tears....he had told her she wasn't a team player among other things. One of the other was she was to write a paper on 'Loyalty'..... I was so mad I went into the office and told him he had not helped the situation at all as she was in tears and how could she get anything done now? He of course didn't care for my take and started rising from his chair with a tight mouthed snarl on his face. Talk about intimidating behavior. To this scene I replied "don't you get mad at me"....he sat back down and that was that. I went to work. The 'Loyalty' paper was posted on the staff bulletin board somedays later.....she turned it around on him however making him the non team player. I left this facility when they started talking working 2 of 3 weekends.
  8. by   Jenny P
    Feisty, I haven't read this thread since probably the 1st week it was posted; and I'm sorry that I've missed out on it. You are doing the right thing; just remember that when all of the s@#* hits the fan. I cannot believe that that other nurse can do that to you; I can only hope some of your former co-workers were brave enough to write in to the newspaper to support you. Please take care of yourself now; hold your head up high and remember that as a nurse you are the patients' advocate. Sometimes it is very hard to do what is right. I hope your husband is supportive of you at this time.

  9. by   night owl
    How in the H*ll did I miss this one??? Holy cow fiesty seems that you've been very busy! You go get em girl, you certainly got what it takes! I'm very sorry you lost your job over this...for speaking the truth...ONLY IN AMERICA!

    You have my support and yes, give yourself that pat on the back...
    Here's a few from me {{{*pat*pat*pat*}}} Heck, I'll even give you a great BIG {{{HUG}}}! I am very proud to be able to converse with the Lady who changed the direction of the nursing profession.
    All I can really say now is "thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !
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  10. by   fiestynurse
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  11. by   mustangsheba
    Feisty: Don't give that unsupportive nurse another thought. It's that same complacency that makes it so difficult for nurses to effect changes. Those of us who support your cause will probably never be able to comprehend how that kind of mind works. You know by now that you have a lot of support out here. Keep your eyes on the door of opportunity that opened when you were barred from that hospital. The Universe probably felt your talents weren't available to a large enough population. Painful as it is, from my perspective it appears as a compliment. Somebody views you as having some kind of power. Too bad they are too ignorant to utilize your talent instead of trying to destroy you. It's their loss.
  12. by   wildtime88

    I wish I could have read the article. I am sure that what you said was very honest and directly to the point.

    I am very proud of you and wish this profession had 1,000,000 like you in it. You have shown what real courage and conviction is all about. You are a personal hero to me.

    So not let this nurse that you use to work with get to you. I have a feeling that right about now she is eating the very words she put on paper. What ever her ulterior motive was for this, it will come back to bite her in the butt with time.

    Because of what you have done, maybe you will inspire another nurse or two to stand up and speak out.

    No matter how this has affected you in other ways, please know that you have gained the admiration of many nurses.
  13. by   nurseyoda
    Fiestynurse my prayers are with you.....thanks.
    I found your Self (NOV) article at the library and photocopied it for others to read. Everyone check your local library, they should keep back issues.