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Hey I just saw on the news that a thousand people have been quarentined at a hospital in Toronto! Do you all know anything about this? I hope our Toronto members are alright. Is this virus... Read More

  1. by   Little One2
    Shortage of nurses? Whos fault is that? Why don't they hire enough to handle the workload?
  2. by   fancynancy
    I am asking the same question. Why not ask the part time, casual staff to work full time during the crisis so the full timers do not get sick or injure themselves. We have been working one or two staff short these last few days. Wearing the isolation gear is hot and some nurses are measuring their oxygen Sats in the high 80's low 90's. The staff who can get off the units like the housekeepers and support staff can go out side for fresh air. We are too busy to get our breaks. Recommendations are ideal when it comes to following the mask N95 protocol. Headaches, irritability, confusion are the end of the shift symptoms on a regular basis now they are worse with the masks.
    I think money has something to do with the nursing shortages.
    I would hate to think it is anything else.
  3. by   elanurse
    I have heard through a couple of people who are casual that they don't want to work if they can help it. This business has people scared and those who feel they don't have to work, won't. It is a shame as i do think this is a time when nurses need to pull together and support each other. However, there are many different views and feelings. I take my hat off to all the nurses who are working extra hard during this time. Oh and I don't know if it is just being scared that people don't want to work, I think it is also due to the extra hassle regarding the protocol etc...
  4. by   sixes
    good morning to all. things seem to be getting better but i won't hold my breath. wendy i hope you are still well. to all those working extra hard during this stressful time my hats go off to you. i wish i could be working and there by help in some small way. keep up the good work.
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  5. by   oramar
    Because of my respiratory problems I had a lot of problems wearing isolation gear for even short periods of time. I would not be able to do what these people are doing, wearing heavy mask all day. It is not unusal for my pulse ox to run low 90 high 80 on normal day. If a person who runs near 100 has a drop to 90 after wearing mask for long time I would be in big trouble.
  6. by   hapeewendy
    well I've had a SARS scare close to home
    specifically with myself... went home from work wednesday morning, felt symptoms of a head cold, went right into my chest thursday, fever, cough SOB etc.... called Occ health at work and they said "STAY HOME" absoultely , and see how you feel, (they didnt think it was SARS since I've had not direct contact with SARS patients yet) however, symptoms worsened and around 6am this morning I had an asthma exacerbation, was taken to the ER, treated and released. However the attending MD was very serious *in a nice comical way, which I needed* that I absoultely should not be working with SARS patients and that I am at risk because of my immune status
    wrote me a letter to that effect,except now , I'm stuck at home for three days , yeah I know sounds silly to be upset by that , but I really dont like to miss work ,and I dont want it to seem like I'm not coming in because of SARS, that just isnt the case, I would gladly come in to work and work with SARS patients if I was able to, this viral bug I've got goin on just adds insult to injury. I'll be working on an acute med floor like my home unit when I go back, which is fine, I just hope this whole situation ends, soon!
    thinking of everyone dealing with this
    respecting nurses everywhere for the fact that we all put ourselves in harms way on a daily basis
    and hoping we all stay healthy
  7. by   PennyLane
    Ah Wendy, please take care of yourself and get better soon! Think of all the drinking you can do in the cyber bar on your days off!! Don't feel bad for missing work--I'm sure all your coworkers know how caring you are for your patients.
  8. by   steven44121
    Well isn't this just always a problem with Nursing- we don' t support each other- at least not all of us do. Recognize yourself JMP. If a nurse is immunocomprimised or pregnant she absolutely should not be looking after SARS pts. If her employer does not make these accommadations than she needs to make her own decision and mine would be to do whatever it takes to put my health first. While we all knew certain risks were inherent in our chosen proffession, no one could have predicted this. There is occupational health and safety issues and laws in place, which I hope will offer some protection to those nurses most at risk. While we all are unsure of the longterm effects of SARS, my heart goes out to my colleauges at greater risk. If you are pregnant, do not work with SARS pts, as you know you are not able to take the treatment--Ribaviran- at it is believed to cause miscarriages and birth defects(this applys to male RN's as well, as the effect on sperm is also a concern.) I for one support sick time or reassignment for anyone who needs it. We need to support each other through this, it is not going away quickly, at best we can hope the protection measures and diagnosis abilities will evolve. I have never been a big union person, but I must say the ONA has been great at getting info about sars and nurses rights, out to our members. Keep checking their website for the most recent ministry directives and advice about what to do many situations we are facing. Take Care All
  9. by   fancynancy
    Hope you are feeling better. I would call the 1 800 number on the N95 mask, and ask if they have an alternative type of mask for individuals with underlying conditions. We have had several types some less irritating. Also there is a warning on the mask. ( 3m at 1 800 267 4414)
    Are you filling out the assessment sheets each day before entering the hospital. If you meet the suspect criteria are you not to be isolated for 10 days. Why just three days. Call CCOHS and get a second opinion. We have a right to work in a safe work place.
    We are discharging our pts home with special self isolation precautions everyone gets 10 masks and twenty thermometers and they are to self isolate x 10 days. These pts have not been exposed as far as one can determine at this time. They were not wearing masks during their admission only if they left the unit. They did not have symptoms or meet the criteria so they qualified for discharge. Yet they are to self isolate.
    Monday should present a new picture. We were told to expect more cases around the week end. I am going to keep an eye on the Health Canada site that defines the most recent cases.
    It is the hospitals best interest to keep us front liners well and protected. Who else will nurse the community....We are valuable.
    If you need more time and feel unwell take the time off and see your family MD. On a regular day its hard to work when you feel unwell. Wearing the isolation gear makes things worse. I am sure there are lots of casual staff to call on. I am sure we would not be so taxed if there were more full timers and our staffatient ratios were reasonable. Put yourself first. Do not self sacrifice. Expect a safe work place. In my experience I have used other viable support systems to define what is safe for me. Really call CCOHS.( 905-572-4400) fax (905 372-4500) They have given me wise advice in the past.
    You know what is good for you. Take care.
  10. by   sixes
    wendy hope you feel better soon. my mom has the same symptoms. she was a little worried because shr flew home from nova scotia to rouyn-noranda. she is calling the airline tommorrow to see if any passengers got on her flight with sars.

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  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Wendy, my thoughts and prayers are truly with you and the people of Toronto. I cannot imagine how things are for you right now. Just so you know, we now have our first confirmed case of SARS in Seattle. Frankly surprised it took this long, given our constant trade with Asia and the huge Asian population here. I am sure the numbers will explode soon as time goes by. I just hope we can get a grip on this before too long. Best to ya, Wendles.
  12. by   susi_q
    My best wishes are with all of you in the Great North - we've had only a few "possibles" here in MI, but people are still getting concerned. Our son was supposed to go to China next month for a college cross cultural experience - the trip has been cancelled. This mom's heart is much relieved. Hope you are feeling better Wendy - your courage in encouraging
  13. by   TX Guy
    Take care WENDY and try to get some rest.

    If you wanna share just PM me