Safe OTC Rx for Pregnant Women?

  1. I want to know if there is a list somewhere of safer OTC meds for patients to take. I am working in OB/GYN these days, and many times, I work in the screening area where patients are seen before the doctor's visit. Sometimes, depending on the amount of weeks pregnant, they may not see a physician for at least three weeks (first trimester pregnancies where the patient is not reporting problems). I know that aspirin and motrin off the top of my head, but I wanted to have a quick list without having to tear apart my drug book if possible. Or is there a web site? Thanks!
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    Oh, the original title should have been OTC for over the counter meds. Sorry for the typo! If a mod sees this, can it be changed?
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    Quite frankly, I'm really surprised the clinic doesn't already have a list of meds that one can take for various ailments. When I was pregnant, my OB (actually it was the nurse ) gave me a pamphlet with more info than I ever wanted, including what meds were generally considered ok.

    Of course, now, I work on a floor that houses antepartums and we give stuff there that outside the hospital we'd probably tell pregnant women to avoid. It's just that once they're ill enough to be in the hospital, the benefits of using said med (OTC or not) far outweigh the risks.

    If it helps any, though, we usually consult our drug books too.
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  5. by   kids
    Get a copy of Dr. Hale's book, I'm shocked your office doesn't have one.
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    Does Dr. Hale do pregnancy as well? We love him for breastfeeding!
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    I recall that about 20 years ago, tylenol and sudafed were ok for pregnant women - not sure if still ok or not. Beyond that, not really sure but follow the above advice.
  8. by   AmaurosisFugax
    Isn't OTC & Rx self-contradictory?
    There's Briggs "Drugs in Pregnancy & Lactation" which is pretty comprehensive.
    Even more than FDA-approved medications, one worries about herbals/supplements, considering their quality varies so much & not much is known about their effects re: pregnancy.