RNs- Mostly first born? Alcoholic fathers? - page 9

KristyBRN's thread on this topic is very interesting. She has heard that many RNs are first borns of alcoholic fathers. I thought we could use a quantitative poll on the subject.- *Please add any... Read More

  1. by   Amaka87
    Im an only child but my mom wasnt an alcoholic
  2. by   warlingham
    Wow, very interesting. Only child mum RN no dad around
  3. by   ICUSkeenRN
    First born, only child to two alcoholic parents.
  4. by   SiennaGreen
    Check. Check. First born. Alcoholic parent. Grown up child in a house of childish adults.
  5. by   pielęgniarka
    this poll has been going for a while, not sure if the op is still following but i thought i'd chime in. i voted "other."

    i cannot believe that out of 107 posts only one other person is a twin!!!!

    my parents were not alcoholics, they stayed married until my mother died from cancer when i was in my 20's. my grandparents were alcoholics and died young and that is why my folks didn't drink. when my mom passed away i was a cna going to school for lpn. now i am an rn.

    my twin is a junkie and lives 1700 miles away from me.
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  6. by   CaliLvr000
    Very interesting poll.

    First born of three, father alcoholic/substances. Middle sister has severe substance abuse issues. Mother extremely controlling. My partner and I don't touch the stuff! Neither does his entire family which is refreshing....
  7. by   ok2bme
    Very interesting survey. Me? Middle child, both parents ...alcoholics
  8. by   Been there,done that
    Only daughter of an alcoholic,absent father. Always trying to please. We need to add the intelligence factor here.
    I have a genius IQ. That would be the intelligence quotient, not the genius emotional quotient.