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somebody here jokingly mentioned we should all put signs out on our lawns for RN unity. Well, NJ RNs actually are doing it! And much more. And their community is learning why they need nurses....... Read More

  1. by   l.rae
    Originally posted by -jt
    <Ok, do we make our own signs?>

    Maybe.... or maybe we wont have to. Im checking into it. So I'd like to know - if there is a way to get a mass of lawn signs made up & made available for inexpensive purchase to cover the cost, would anybody purchase one & participate in the movement?

    If people really want to try a national campaign with this, I can check into getting the signs made available.

    count me in!...start a thread with a poll and see what kind of support you get!....l say go for it......LR
  2. by   shannonRN
    that is awesome. kudos to all those new york nurses. they truly are an inspiration. wasn't there a nurse's march in d.c. a while back?...i think their slogan was "every patient deserves a RN." a couple of my professors went and had their bumper sticker with that slogan on it all over their offices.

    i would definately be interested in participating in something like this. maybe "big daddy" aka brian could have the signs in the allnurses shop. let us know what we can do to help!
  3. by   Q.
    Please count me in jt. I know there are nurses in my very neighborhood who, if they saw the lawn sign, would want one as well.

    Even if we have a sign that states something to effect of supporting a nurse, or having a nurse, with a small font Allnurses.com plug for Brian as well? (if indicated)

    Let's get this rolling jt.
  4. by   -jt
    <wasn't there a nurse's march in d.c. a while back?...i think their slogan was "every patient deserves a RN." a couple of my professors went and had their bumper sticker with that slogan on it all over their offices.>

    There was in 1995. The ANA & state nurses assocs participated. The slogan you mention was the slogan from an ANA campaign. Its still available on brightly printed tee shirts, & sweatshirts. I bought the sweatshirt last year at convention. Very comfortable. We have the same slogan in bright, bold, colorful lapel pins which we wear to work. That design is my favorite because of the colors.

    On Say-NO-To-Drugs-Red Shirt Day at school, my daughter wears her red "Someone I love is a NURSE" tee shirt. All of these can still be ordered.

    To see what they look like, go to
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  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    a school in eastern ohio had a stone statue in front that had the 10 commandments carved in it. someone wanted it taken down. the community started an action to save the statue.

    one of the ways they did it was through a sign that said "we stand for the 10 commandments". simple sign about 2 feet wide by 1.5 feet tall. they sold these signs for $1 (or at least in the beginning that's what they cost) in order to help pay for the attorney fees to help save the statue.

    to date they've sold hundreds of thousands and the statue still stands.

    i'm not sure how they got hooked up with the makers of the sign but i'm sure it wouldn't be too hard for me to find out since i live about 1 hour from there.

    would this help?
  6. by   Rena RN 2003

    okay, here's a link to the sign that was used. the one all the way on the left. people from all over the country ordered these signs.
  7. by   abrenrn
    Thanks, jt.

    Though I remain on sabbatical, I find great encouragement in these types of developments. I have already subscribed to Revolution (did you recommend that one?) and if the fund you talked about starting happens, I will contribute what I can where I can.
  8. by   renurse

    Kudos to the NJ Nurses! I am so excited about this! What a great idea! Lawn signs 2 sided 18x24, 2 color are about 250-3.00 per sign! I am going to talk to some of my friends about getting some of these signs! Any ideas for slogans would be appreciated. Anyone interested in more information about what we are doing can email me renursern@msn.com!
  9. by   nightingale
    I thought I posted to this yesterday??

    I am game! Let me know what to do (I am so obedient).. Seriously, I want to participate!