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Hello Everyone. Now I am 6 weeks into RN classes. I am forced to be succesful at: clinicals, lecture and labs. The other students are all nervous, like me, and it's tense. Often I feel sad... Read More

  1. by   Teshiee
    Mario I am so proud of you for going for it. Like everyone on this thread we are rootin for you! Nursing school is rough and like many before you you will succeed. Please keep in touch with your progress. Hang in there I know you will do it!!!!!!
  2. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    anne, i know you are so right about not keeping it bottled up! so, i will do just that... vent here...thanks for the valuable input (again)!!:kiss

  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Oh - thank you oh so very much again and for always because yall care so much AEB speaking wisdom to me concerning RN for the benifit of man and woman kind about how to be sucessful at school. That was an intentional run on sentence to emphasize how busy I am r/t RN school. All of your wisdom and powerful feelings will levitate me.

    You sent me an angel like i asked and was humbled by the angel. This angel yall sent influenced my instructor to cut a clinical day short and also influence the hospital to be slow at the end of last week. Originally, I had clinicals AND work on Thu-Sat, with maybe 4 hours sleep x3 days. The angel made it so I only had to work 4 and not 8 (phew), on Thu and Fri and on friday only had 3 hours clinical, and on Sat was an all day, 1 credit, elective class i attended for the full financial aid. I'll tell ya, if it weren't for that angel letting me sleep properly, I would have disintergrated. Strictly speaking, i was lucky, and vow to never (ever) even plan for getting less than 7 hours sleep, because I know the angel isn't always gonna be with me. It's suicide to even think about not geting enough sleep in such a gross manner. There is no such thing, as i heard some students say, of "burning the midnight oil,. Straight up: if I don't sleep well, I'm toast.

    Today I am still blown to death with required readings, drug cards, med-surg asepsis, preperation for next week, maybe iron some stuff, exercise for 2 hours, make sandwiches and pot of beans and do all the lab assignments for the lab skills part. My hippocampus is bleeding. I thank you and I loveyou all so very much for the angel and now I will use the power the angel shared with me to absorb everything.
  4. by   abrenrn
    If only I were wise, my life would be a lot easier than it is now. Had I been wiser in school, my life then would have been much easier.

    My only wisdom comes from remembering experiences, what worked - and this is the important part - the "DUH"s - why didn't I do it that way in the first place?

    I mostly share my DUHs. There were many more of those than doing it right in the first place. One of my biggest DUHs was trying to do it without finding people who could help me through school.

    My current DUH is figuring out how to ask questions to help me get through current life stuff. At least it has finally occurred to me to ask.

    You are all much wiser than me. It may sound dift, but I'm mostly trying to show you that and let you know I wish I had been so wise.
  5. by   abrenrn
    It's funny, too. Sometimes I start saying things in a way that makes people say, "God I know what she's going to say already, I'm not listening." This annoys me, they don't know what I'm going to say.

    Yet, I sometimes find myself doing the same with others, and then I remember that old Golden Rule, "do unto others" and get very annoyed at myself.

    I admit, I started reading a post from Mario, wanted to stop. I'm glad I didn't. This is what I heard

    Strictly speaking, i was lucky, and vow to never (ever) even plan for getting less than 7 hours sleep, because I know the angel isn't always gonna be with me. It's suicide to even think about not geting enough sleep in such a gross manner. There is no such thing, as i heard some students say, of "burning the midnight oil,. Straight up: if I don't sleep well, I'm toast.

    And I think, yes, angels have come to me in the past to point me in the right direction. In general though, they are pretty busy, once pointed, they expect me to follow through.

    Also - sorry for not quoting per potocol. I've been too lazy to learn it (not a good trait). I will work on it.
  6. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by regnursein99
    OMG.....you just described my 1st semester of nursing school.

    Using the NCLEX book to study is an EXCELLENT suggestion. I did not discover this until my 2nd year and wished I had found it sooner.
    I am in that first semester, and looking for an NCLEX book. Could you please recommend one? I posted another thread, with no results...
  7. by   hoolahan
    Whoever said just try to pass is so right.

    I knew I did NOT want to deal with OB GYN anything beyond the requires few weeks in nursing school. So, I just did only the bare min to get by. I still passed my boards. And no one cares what grade I got. Simplify is good advice!!
  8. by   chinaway
    Hi, Mario

    Is that so hard?

    I am intending to join a nursing course, your words frighten me.

    Anyhow, the god will pay you back as you has been working so hard.

    God bless you.

  9. by   micro
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    [BNursing school is tough, but then again, nurses need to be tough people. [/B]

    To Mario, Thendar and to all of you folks going through nursing school,

    I am so glad you are here/there. This profession needs you. It is a tough way to make a paycheck.........but I would not trade it for the world.

    School is hard, and I almost feel that it should be changed in as how the curriculum is presented. It is a tech/knowledge job with another human being/human beings as the focus of our practice.
    But I am not in the position of making changes within the education system.....at this time.

    What I can do is to be the best damn nurse that I can be with my nursing skills and abilities + my inner being that does indeed connect with another if I allow it. There is much in my nursing that I did not learn in nursing school. There is much that I did learn in nursing school.....but that has been eons ago. There is much more that I have learned in being a nurse.........and what kind of nurse I am......

    There is something unique in each of us..........Use that uniqueness to give of yourself........and be the best damn nurse you can be.

    There is much to go through, but much reward.........

    Someday..........I will change what I do.........but I will always be a nurse......it is who I am..............

  10. by   ArleneD

    You can get NCLEX books at your college bookstore or any large bookstore (i.e., Barnes and Noble). Find out from students in your nursing program which NCLEX books your current instructors like to use for their tests. I've found that Lippencott and Mosby are most helpful.

    Good luck,
  11. by   Dr. Kate
    Somewhere in all of this you said some things that made me wonder if you are getting enough sunshine. It's a little thing but it sure can make a big difference in how you feel and how well you think.
    It's been a long time since I was in nursing school but I do recall that while it doesn't get easier, you do get better at dealing with it. And that helps a lot. It also helps as you get to know people and make friends.
    Until then, keep dropping by.
  12. by   NiteNurseRN

    RN School is tough, you're right. You do possess many skills helping you make it, though. One of the things you are already comfortable with is the hospital environment itself. You know basic assessment skills, such as taking vital signs, etc. Thank God for those; You are a few steps ahead already because of those two things alone.

    When I went to Nursing School, I had never even taken a blood pressure before. Believe it or not, in my class 1st semester, a woman flunked out 'cuz she couldn't correctly get a BP that the instructor could agree with. This girl's trouble really made me nervous because I am HOH and wear hearing aids. I thought, "Jeez, if she can't do it, how can I hope to with the hearing problem?" I did make it and you can too!

    How bad do you want to succeed? I remember many weeks when I didn't watch TV, read anything that wasn't school related, and forget time to date!! At one point, I moved the Lazy-Boy into the bedroom, locked the door and told my son, "Don't interrupt me unless you see Blood or Fire!

    Since I got my RN degree, I have seen so many good changes in my life. The most important is that I bought a house in 1999. I drive a new car most of the time, and I can now help my 23 yr. old son accomplish some of his goals.

    Mario, you can do this. If I can make it, anyone can! Hang in there, baby. :kiss
  13. by   mario_ragucci
    This board is PROOF that energy can flow from a pixel to my cerebral cortex. I feel the energy radiate from my screen. It's this energy which keeps me alive! Hereis a little humor I thought up to self-motivate me.

    "The path of the rightous nursing student is beset on all sides by the inequities of selfish wanna-be's and the tyranny of evil women. Blessed are they who, in the name of teaching and education, shepards hardworking nursing students through the valley of darkness, for they are truely my fellow nurses, and the finders of great potential nurses. And i will strike down upon thee with great vengence and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers and sisters. And you will know, my name is MARIO, when i convert my intellectual energy to kinetic nursing skills for you!"
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