RN Magazine ~ July 1946

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    Feedback column:

    Dear Editor: One problem we have in the hospital in which I am working is that we single girls feel the married girls should share the 3-11 and 11-7 shifts with us. So far, we single girls have been doing all of these shifts because the other girls say "We're married and we want to be with our husbands". On the other hand, we figure we're single and have no husbands and never will if we continue to get pushed around by the married nurses. Vivian Savitz RN Philipsburg, NJ.

    Dear Editor: Why shouldn't married nurses work? They are no different from single nurses. As far as having problems at home, don't we all have them? Yet our work doesn't suffer because it takes our minds off of ourselves while we are helping others. I have been happier when I worked.
    I was the second married nurse to work at our hospital and it wasn't easy to listen to the jeers of the spinsters saying "I'm glad I'm not married and supporting a husband". The single nurses were merely jealous, so we overlooked their remarks. I never heard any of the doctors complaining of inefficiency. In fact, more of the single girls took time off for sickness. RN
    Clearwater, Fla.

    Science Shorts: Sulfathiazole has been put into chewing gum for local chemotherapy of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa.

    The Army Medical Corps has reported control of respiratory infections in the GI barracks by treating blankets and floors with a light coating of oil. The oil absorbs and anchors the dust and germs so that they do not drift about the room.

    "KEEPING YOUR PATINET COOL" by Ann Goodrich, RN Excerps:

    Caring for the sick in hot weather can be a trying experience for both patient and nurse. The windows may be left open and the outlook for the patient up in a wheel chair encourages him to want to get well and go out of doors.

    Even on the hottest days patients may be encouraged to feel cool by a combination of factors. First and foremost is the appearance and attitude of the nurse. If we look hot, bothered, and uncomfortable we tend to make the patient overly aware of the heat. A spotlessly clean, uncreased uniform is of paramount importance in looking cool. Although some hospitals frown upon short sleeves, sharkskin, and seersucker, many nurses associations have adopted blue and white uniforms with short sleeves for summber. They may not look as trim but their coolness and comfort and ease of laundering make up for the lack of stiff starchiness that has been the trademark of the professional RN. It goes without saying that the nurse must be especially careful about her own personal hygiene. Be sure to keep on hand, without fail, whatever deodorant you like the best. Many nurses who perspire freely find that they feel and look cooler if they forego heavy face powder and makeup. Frequent shampooing will keep you comfortable fresh and dainty too.

    Make sure the bed is arranged so as to allow for the maximum circulation of air without putting the patient in a direct draft between the door and the window. Keeping fresh flowers in the vases will give an illusion of airy coolness to the room.

    It is especially important to change bed linen frequently and if clean linen is not available, the nurse may find that keeping two sets of bottom and top sheets and changing them back and forth during the day may give the illusion of comfort obtained by a newly laundered sheet. Remove the rubber draw sheet. Urge your patient to keep as quiet as possible. An occasional change of position will allow different parts of the body to come in contact with the air and make them feel refreshed.

    There is something about the tinkle of ice in a pitcher of cool fruit juice that gives the illusion of coolness.

    Hair on the neck looks and feels hot. If your patient must lie on her back, try braiding her hair on each side of her head and laying it along the pillow, away from her face. Or pin the braids on the top of her head and tie on with a gay ribbon.
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  3. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    These are awesome! Where did you find them?
  4. by   luvltc
    Very interesting!

    What a change.
  5. by   weetziebat
    Wow! While I hate the look of sloppy, wrinkled scrubs the thought of wearing a starched white uniform - especially in the summer - is unthinkable.

    Thanks for sharing these. I love 'em!
  6. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from southernlpn
    These are awesome! Where did you find them?
    In an estate sale for $4 a piece. I wish there had been alot more! I think they are awesome too! You should see the ads for shoes, uniforms, etc. OMG so ugly.....but.....only $3.95-6.95 ! An article on how to sharpen your hypodermics! Also an ad for cigarettes:
    "More Doctor's Smoke Camels" and all kinds of ads for hand cream and deodorant, kotex, etc....most of the stuff is not around anymore such as
    "Clappers Baby Food" !!!! It's been a real hoot to read them at work with friends.
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Very awsome indeed.