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  1. by   nicola
    I'm a righty and an adequate speller. Strangely, my spelling got better when I started learning Spanish. I think I just started listening better. My boyfriend is lefty (cool 'cause we can hold hands under the table and eat!) and has abysmal spelling!]

    My maternal grandmother was lefty by birth but changed in school. She could write the same sentence at the same time with both hands - forwards with the right hand and backwards with the left! Drove me nuts trying, but I just can't do it...
  2. by   tariet
    I'm a lefty and can't spell to save my life. I can tell you the definition of about any word and use it correctly in a sentence but please don't ask me to spell it. It's embarassing and frustrating. I envy those of you who can rattle off the spelling to any word while I have to look up the correct spelling. All I can say is thank god for spell checker!!!!!

    About lefty's living shorter lives than righty's. I've read that it's partially contributed to tools. Next time you pick up a tool, be it a pair of scissors, a frying pan, measuring cup or circular saw, take a second to consider if it's right or left handed. You'll be amazed. Then all you right handers, consider what it'd be like if all these things were for left handers and not right handers and I think you'll be able to understand why lefty's have so many accidents. :-) Although what can you expect when 9 out of 10 people are right handed. Lefty's just have to learn to adapt, it's what makes us special
  3. by   CarolineRn
    Dennie, Yes my grandfather had quite a talent. Sadly, he passed on several years ago, without letting me in on his secrets. Nope, I can't do it. I can barely even hold a pencil with my left hand.

    I think I remember my grandad saying that he used to get money doing this too, like you did Dennie. Most likely from bets, I'm sure.

    Nicola, that's pretty cool about your grandmother too! Imagine writing backwards! It makes me wonder if people like she and my grandfather had some strange way of seeing and looking at things that the rest of us aren't privvy to. Or tapped into some part of the brain that lies dormant in the rest of us. Really cool to think about!
  4. by   GERINRS
    I'm a lefty and have always been a natural at spelling. I got 2nd. place at a medical spelling bee, in nursing school. I was spelling words, out of Taber's that I'd never heard of.
    I also consider myself creative, too.
  5. by   kaycee
    I'm a righty and I can spell pretty well, I just can't type!
  6. by   kids
    I'm a righty and can't spell for pooh, Learned to read using foniks-I can spell the medical words just fine, its the normal words I cant.

  7. by   Gry
    I'm a southpaw and am somewhat obsessive about spelling. It was always easy for me to learn and spell even the most difficult words. I hope this will also be the case when I return to college soon!
  8. by   Jay Levan
    First hiya P_RN,
    I guess at this stage of my debilitated "Long term Memory"
    spelling has slipped quite a bit, so I always have my "Webster's
    "Open" on 'puter. So as not to look dumb as a brick Oh, he he, I am Right handed, but have developed Left handed dexterity over the years of E.R. Nursing.
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  9. by   TracyB,RN
    Caroline, my aunt can do the SAME thing that your Grampa did. I still think it is pretty neat. She also does upsidedown mirror images of what she writes, with both hands at same time.

    I am a righty, somewhat ambidexterous, and usually incredibly anal retentive about spelling.