Results of the Millennium Nurses March

  1. thank you to the forty nurses from the tri-state area including wanda + john who traveled from virginia.
    extensive tv coverage by rose tobian, channel 6 abc phila. with multiple mursing interviews. other stations were kyw and fox news. reporter linda from the philadelphia inquirer extensively spoke with psna president marguerite zlon re the shortage. so check the news at 6 and 11pm tonight to see how much they edited. also inquirer article in the next day so. florence nightengale a.k.a. catherine snyder, president of the florence project helped lead the march. i'm the nurse in navy + blue carrying our sign. my boss barbara is on the other end of the sign. christina terranova,rn, lnc gave a rousing speech on workplace advocacy and claire mcguire rn,c addressed workplace violence issues. marguerite zalon spoke about nursing shortage and our issues.

    cheryl barrett, phila nursing spectrum editor took lots of photo's
    and will have an article in the post nurse week magazine and in three other issues.
    millennium nurses march: nurses air their concerns

    thanks to everyone who assisted, including our mc, ivory coleman district 1 president.
    remember, ana convention is in phila next year, and we'll be hundreds strong then.

    i hope to see other nurses turn out for the ana/uan nursing shortage rally in june. check the ana website for updated info.i
    info regarding articles distributed will be posted with in the next two weeks on our district 23 website under local news.
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  3. by   -jt

    Its so cool to see the idea we all talked about months ago actually came to fruition.

    You are inspiring! I was going to drive down with Christina but I was supposed to work. Turns out I'm off still out sick & could have come! Sorry I missed it. It sounds wonderful! See you in June!
  4. by   Mijourney
    Hi NRSKaren. Congratulations! While I may not be a member of the ANA, it does not mean that I need to discourage members who feel they are making a difference in nursing.
  5. by   Chellyse66
    Congratulations to you personally, you are inspiration because you proved that by sticking to what you believe in, and dedicating yourself to make it a reality that it can be done. I appreciate you taking intiative and publicly marching for Nurses in this profession. I am glad that you achieved media attention, and that you had a good time bringing nurses together in Philly, that it was a success!!!
  6. by   Jay-Jay
    Congratulations, Karen! You go, girl!!Roughly what was the turnout in terms of numbers of nurses?

    The students are organizing a big rally at Queen's Park on Tuesday in Toronto - say a prayer for us, please!! Our premier wants to have the hospitals run by private corporations. It will be the kiss of death for medicare in Canada if this happens!! The almighty dollar will rule, and patient care will suffer accordingly. We are having a big rally to "disinfect" the premier of the privatization virus!

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  7. by   Jenny P
    Congratulations to you, NRSKarenRN and all of your co-horts that went out and marched in the Millennium Nurses March; and good luck to your group, Jay-Jay, with your planned march.
    I hope that you all are successful with these efforts.
    I've been offline for 5 days, and on returning to the computer this AM, my email had 18 messages from news reports in our area and across the country about nursing and the nursing shortage from my state nursing association. Nursing IS in the newson a daily basis, lets keep it up!