Respiratory Therapy?

  1. Besides nursing, I've been finding myself interested in exploring respiratory therapy. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how they feel about the respiratory therapists in their hospitals.

    There is something forfilling about helping someone breath. Considering my recent bout with pneumonia, I can tell you how much I appreciate being able to breath better than I had last week!!!!

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  3. by   baseline
    I think there is another thread of this nature. I love the RT's! Depending on where you work, your responsibilities will be different. There is a shortage of RT's also. And also 2 levels of entry....although I am not 100% certain of the education required, there are sites on the internet for RT's.
    You gotta love a great resp therapist. They come a running when they hear wheezing. I have always been fortunate enought to have worked the best therapists. I hope Im not the only one that has worked with the best.
    Does RT make the same or less than a RN? Does anybody know? Hissy :O)
  6. by   2banurse
    I think that RTs may make a little less than RNs to start, but that depends on the hospitals as well. What I do like is that you can specialize and if working in a NICU or other critical care units is for you, it is another good health care alternative. Just like RNs, RTs work shifts, and because hospitals hire less of them, RTs are also constantly on the go, sometimes throughout the entire hospital.

    It's is definitely something I am considering...

  7. by   Qwiigley
    I would never consider being a RT. A very dead end job, the pay is worse than a nurse, and not much career movement avail. RN w/ BSN (min) has much more ability to chg jobs and is in more demand.
  8. by   2banurse
    Not necessarily true. I've been doing some research and you could go as far as a master's degree in cardiopulmonary science, opening up to teaching. Regarding the demand, I don't believe that either. Although not as many RTs are hired in a hospital as nurses, from many of the posts RTs are appreciated by RNs.

    As you said, you would never consider being an RT, well that is your choice. Don't negate the field to others without knowing more facts.
  9. by   LaughingDog72
    I have been trying to decide between going to nursing school or going through a respiratory therapy program. I can get into a nursing program almost immediatly but I couldn't start the rt program until the summer after next because of some pre reqs. I have thought about doing rt down the road after becoming a nurse. Just wondering what kind of opportunities would exsist for a nurse with rt certification also?
  10. by   fergus51
    I definitely appreciate having good RTs on. It's a nightmare when we have RTs who aren't trained to our unit. I think it's an interesting job, but it is definitely more limited than nursing as far as job opportunities and variety. A good friend of mine is an RT and has said that's the one thing she regrets. As an RN you can work in more diverse areas, and travel more easily internationally.
  11. by   Dixielee
    My ex husband was a RT. Make sure you know the difference between an respiratory therapist and a resp technician. In the hospital, it is hard to tell the difference as they do basically the same thing. One is a registered respiratory therapist and the other is a respiratory therapy technician. From my understanding though, you must be a RT in most places to be in management. I have know some great therapist and technicians. The RT program is generally a BS program and I my hubby always made about the same or better as a lot of RN's. Techs make less however and the programs are generally from tech schools or community colleges. As far as jobs, I don't know what kind of opportunities there are outside hospitals. I know they do work in home health though. Maybe you should search for a forum like this one for respiratory folks and you can get more direct info. Good luck, we need lots more folks in health care!