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  1. I'm CNA of 4yrs, and when I worked in a nursing home I never had a problem with this.....but since I have moved to a hospital here in town I have noticed a major difference in the respect for coworkers. When I was in a nursing home the nurses depended on their aides for everything and had a few under them so they have to trust them. When I go to the hospital it is just the opposite, one aide to 4-5 nurses. And I love most of the nurses I work with but some people just drive me crazy (like anywhere I guess.) Some of my nurses know and understand my abilities and my boundries, but they know to trust me and I just flat out tell them if I have doubts or concerns about not knowing what I saw, heard, etc. But some of my nurses treat me like I am so stupid and don't have a clue about what I am doing........ My question to you is, do you respect your aides and other nurses or do you question and double check every little thing someone does?
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  3. by   AHarri66
    I work with a great bunch of aides whom I like and trust, but I'll tell you there have been many times when one of them has come to me to tell me something's wrong with my patient (low/high BP, low SAT, something) and I go and check it myself. It's not because I don't trust them, it's because it's my license on the line, and if I'm going to be talking to the MD, I don't want to be saying "Well, the aide told me..." I need to know firsthand.
  4. by   mystc42
    Oh yeah, now I totally understand where you are coming from with that. One example of what makes me so frustrated is my charge nurse asked me to change out sharp boxes at 8:30 one morning and I told her it would be the first thing on my list when my baths were done. Well at 9:30 she asked again. And ended up asking me 4 more times until 1:00 came around.......That just makes me feel like I'm stupid, but I wasn't about to stop my baths to go start something new that another shift could do and chance someone not getting cleaned up for the day. If I'm just sitting around and not doing anything then go ahead and tell me to do something or if I forgot then go ahead and ask me, but if I have linens and a bathpack in my hand on the way to a room, I don't think its an appropriate time to tell me to go do a side chore
  5. by   Tweety
    I know it's frustrating when you are used to being independent, and now having to take instructions and help so many nurses at one time.

    I get yelled at my our techs when I ask them to do something while they have an arm full of linen. "Can't you see I'm busy?" My answer usually is something like "I didn't mean drop what you are doing, but please add this to your list of things to do." We all get frustrated with so much to do. Just stay flexible and communicate. If we wait until you aren't doing anything to ask you to do another chore we could wait all day.

    What your charge nurse failed to do and what you might want to do in the future is communicate. The charge nurse instead of hounding you all day should have said something like "I need those boxes changed by 11:00, come to me if that can't be done". Then don't get upset with her if she follows up. From 8:30 to 1:00 is a long time for your charge nurse not to follow up, if it is within your job description and part of your days assignment.

    Techs are a vital part of our health care team, my eyes, my ears, and hands and feet. I have nothing but the utmost respect.

    Perhaps some of those nurses who make you feel so bad have had bad experiences in the past. Respect works both ways.

    Then I do get frustrated with the nurse who refuses to get up off his fat behind and help the tech out.

    Anyway, you have my respect. Your patients need you. Keep up the good work.
  6. by   NancyB,LPN
    As an LPN who started out as a CNA (actually even before CNA's had to be certified so I was an "NA"), I value my CNA's and help them as much as I can because I know that some day, when I'm in a pinch, I know that I can ask them to do something and they will do it, no questions asked! I'm a home health nurse now, but I spent many years working in a LTC, and even though I had the initials "LPN" behind my name, I got out there with my CNA's and turned, repositioned, wiped butts, toileted people and answered call lights right along with them. Sometimes nurses need a reminder of how valuable CNA's or PTA's are! Ladies and gents; have you told *YOUR* CNA's how much you appreciate them lately?
  7. by   yannadey
    As a charge nurse I trust & respect my aides & fellow nurses I only double checked & questioned those who are known to be work-dodgers you know the ones who can never be found when needed & at the end of the shift sign off on work they claim to have done.
  8. by   eb_rn
    it depends on the aid/tech in question....some of my techs-same thing different name-i completely trust and yes i do sometimes double check, not b/c i dont trust them, but bc i want to know and if 2 different people get same/similliar results, its probably not a false positive, ya know. also some of the techs here, i wont let them touch my patients, much less take their word for anything, cuz i have seen them make tooo many mistakes, and it is My license on the line. it is so strange that this board is here today, i was just having this conversation with one of our techs, one i completely trust. i also think it depends on the nurse. i have make an effort to ask people for assistance; i always try to do Everything myself and i just cant. and i have to make a conscience effort to deligate activities. and i know some nurses who will almost never deligate, no matter what is going on or what needs to be done. which i dont agree with. but i dont always trust the people working, so i guess i can see both sides of the fence....but i once was an aid and felt dumped on at times. so i really try not to do that to people i work with. and i am Very appreciative of my techs and make it a point to tell them and my nsg mgr. so he keeps us well staffed with techs. and i always tell him which ones r doing great.
  9. by   mystc42
    Thanks for your opinions guys. This is a hard subject to pinpoint because of peoples personalities. I don't usually talk about myself because I don't believe we know who we truly are until we get an outside view, although I am reminded constantly at work how appreciative people are to me and how good of a job I do. So I feel confidant because my nurses let me know what they think of the job I am doing. And I understand a charge nurse responsibilities too. There are plenty of people that just have that one job and don't want to ehar of what else has to be done even if it can wait. But when I am asked to do something that can wait I will let the nursed know "ok, when I get a moment" and when I am overwhelmed I say something like"ok, i will, but can you help me remember to" There are so many bad attitudes these days, I just wish we could all learn to respect each other even if you don't like that certain individual personally.
  10. by   live4today
    As a RN who works in a hospital that utilizes techs consistently, and as a former Nurse Assistant myself, I appreciate all the ones who have given above and beyond the call of duty. It's very heavy work to care for patients today. I've only had a few techs in my sixteen years as a nurse who I would not hire if it were up to me, but it's not, so the best thing to do is for ALL staff to understand what we do while working is for THE PATIENT and not for ourselves. It's all about the patient, and without cooperation between the staff as a whole the patients suffer, we get moody, and conflict tends to arise and linger on between staff from one shift to the next.

    If we aren't good to each other, who will be? Nurses and techs (CNAs or NAs or PCTs) must all stay focused on why we work the jobs we do, and who it is we really are there for. It should never be about becoming "popular", but always about being professional, and presenting ourselves in a professionally friendly manner.

    More on this subject Donato's Pizza has arrived! Yummy!
  11. by   mattsmom81
    I agree that communication is the key to solving problems like this. We have to learn to ask if a priority is being changed...sometimes the other person may not realize what they're asking...

    As far as respect issue, new nurses are frequently double checked too for a while until we're sure they are safe. It takes awhile to develop trust.

    There's nothing wrong with telling this nurse how it makes you feel when she double checks you constantly...if you do it professionally and without anger an honest talk can help. Keeps the lines of communication open too.

    Sharp containers overflowing is a big safety risk in facilities, so this may be where she was coming from.
  12. by   rebel_red

    The only other thing could be the high rate of attrition amongst aides. Our facility hired/trained over 60 people in a four month period. Of that 60 maybe 10 are left. Many received their cna cert and went to work at places with higher pay, others changed their minds about the work, some weren't cut out for it, etc. (And we really do have a good LTC facility, deficiency free surveys, low wound rates, good to great staffing etc)

    Consequently our liscenced people are dealing with this revolving door of cnas. It might just be a matter of time. You know you are a good aide, that you have follow through, that you want to do right by your patients and are trustworthy. They just may need time to see/realize that you are in it for the long haul, that its not just a job...etc

    Trust and mutual respect don't happen instantly. (I apologize if that sounds patronizing it really is not meant that way!) Honestly believe the longer you are there and they witness the high caliber of your work the more you will be trusted. That's how it works at our "house".

    Take Care
    Hope it all works out the best for you!
  13. by   altomga
    I feel for you..I am sorry that some of the nurses do not respect you and your position. I do know that a nurse can not function EFFICIENTLY without a wonderful aide. My floor has some terrific ones and some others though that could give a crap less about their job!
    You do the job that you were highered to do, do it with pride, and to heck with the nurses that don't show you respect...everything that goes around comes around! Know what I mean?
    Thank you by the way for being a compassionate, respectful, and cherished co-worker!!
  14. by   flowerchild
    I never realized just how much respect I had and was given to each other in the nursing field until I went to work where I am the only nurse. At least when we work with each other we know what kind of respect we deserve and it is given in most cases. I get ZERO respect from my current coworkers...they have no idea what I put on the line for them every day!