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Has anyone reported a doctor for being verbally agressive and abusive?? What was the outcome? I really don't want to go into TOO much detail with what happened because I am still so shaken up by... Read More

  1. by   Grace Oz
    Quote from moonrose2u
    to protect yourself, your reputation, and your license. always start with the chain of command. even i fyou know in advance what the response will be from your manager, start w:uhoh21: ith that person. as you go up the chain of command, that is if you need to progress upward in order to see that the appropriate people are notified of the behavior, document everything! always, as in any situation with a patient, document eveything. i was told, eon's ago by a superior, when there is a questionable situation, write it down, seal it in an envelope and mail it to yourself. when it arrives do not open it. file it away. if there is ever anything that goes through a legality, you have the proof that you recorded it at the time and it could save some salacious action.

    in addition, if you don't go up the chain of command you may be reprimanded for not doing so, or told to go back down the chain. by the time you have notified your manager he/she will have gotten wind of it already and will have her defenses or responses ready and waiting for you.

    and check your employee handbook. in it , it will state the procedure for reporting inappropriate behavior. you will be referred back to that procedure by superiors.
    this is excellent advice and i second it. the only difference; if you mail the documentation to yourself, ensure you send it certified mail! better still, seal it in an envelope and take it home with you! unfortunately, mail does go astray despite best efforts.
    please remember, always...............
    you never ever have to tolerate bad behaviour! it is never aceptable! no matter who it's coming from! i encourage you and hope you do carry through with lodging a complaint.
  2. by   psalm
    ...I wrote an incident report for my nm and kept a copy for myself. A few weeks later I was "counselled" by my nm on orders from her superviser...and she (nm) told me she was following orders and THANKED me for writing this doc up. One more complaint in writing and using the system always helps.
  3. by   NurseyBaby'05
    We have a doc like this who comes on our floor. Our NM coddles him and walks around his ego on eggshells as do most of the nurses. He was verbally abusive to a float nurse and pt's family and she refused to take his crap and reported it. He had to go to anger management class . . . twice. He failed the first time. :trout: His behavior wasn't funny at all, but I had to laugh that he failed the anger management class. How do you fail anger management?