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I have become increasingly frustrated during bedside report at change of shift. Ignorant nurses wanting to know ridiculous details or why I didn't do certain things. I'm not telling the Dr. To switch... Read More

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    Quote from SlinkyheadRN
    It's not that the off going nurse doesn't know, it's that it's wasting time. I'm not spoon feeding report to anybody. I don't advocate being rude but some nurses will ask the silliest questions sometimes.

    I show up 30 min early everyday so I can look over orders and labs and things so that I am ready for report and can have ACTUAL important "can't find the information anywhere else" questions ready after listening carefully to report.

    All I ask in return is for the next nurse to be ready for report when it's time to go home.
    We can't show up early and check charts in my unit. We can't clock in until 2 minutes before the shift starts. Literally, we are supposed to clock in at 1858 and be on the floor for report at 1900.

    I don't work for free.

    I see where some of you are coming from about the nit picky report. I tend to get too detailed when giving report on the unit I'm on now because I used to work ICU. I don't ask a lot of questions, though, I just want the basics.

    Some of the nurses on my unit want to know things like how much lunch the patient had. Seriously?!? Unless they're anorexic, I DON'T CARE.
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    Though this is a venting thread, please debate the topic, not the poster. Thanks.