Refresher Course

  1. Wanted to know if anyone out there has taken or interested in taking a refresher course. I want to return to Nursing- but feel it's necessary to take a course. Do you think $1800 is too much for a course that includes a clinical or go with an on-line refresher that is way less without clinicals?
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  3. by   AnnieNHRN
    I think I paid about $1500 for a refresher course back in 2001. I was out of nursing for 9 yrs and found the class very useful. It really depends how long you were out of nursing and if you feel an online class would be enough for you. I also think, in this job market, it will look better on your resume if you have had some actual clinical time. Good luck and welcome back!
  4. by   allison_lpn
    I have heard that sometimes you can do the theory part online and then do your clinicals under the supervision of an RN in a state approved facility. Which would be much less expensive. Check with your state board of nursing. Hope this helps!! GOOD LUCK!!
  5. by   Straydandelion
    Good luck! My experience is, no refresher course was offered at ALL in the area, I would have been happy with any. I agree, check with the state board as far as requirements also.
  6. by   iwanna
    I took a 10 week refresher course last fall. I was out for four years when I took the course. It cost $1300. Personally, I was disappointed. We did our clinicals on a rehab floor. I took the course because I wanted to do home health nursing, and I did not have much bedside experience. I worked in psych nursing. The extent of my bedside experience was working geri psych, and we really shipped them out when there were medical issues. We were strictly a psych facility. However, in my clinical refresher, I did not learn any new skills.

    As far as online courses, you are responsible for finding your own clinicals. I believe the only place that would let you do a clinical rotation would be if you were willing to commit a certain amouont of time working for them. I had a hard time when seeking a place for clinicals. I did not want to make any committments. The woman that had the courses said that it was usuually nursing homes that would agree to the clinicals, if you were willing to work there for an agreed amount of time.

    On the upside of my refresher course, it did help on my resume. However, in my situation I have decided that I do not want that type of nursing after all. Actually, it is just that my body won't permit it. I have been on disability going on five years now. I tried a nursing home and thought only three days a week would be okay. Even just three days wiped me out. After all of that I am looking to work in drs. office. I do not have enough of experience to work home health. And, find that I get more tired getting in and out of the car, so that rules out home health.

    It really depends on your situation about the refresher course. How long have you been out of nursing? Perhaps all you need is the online course without the clinicals. All the nurses in my class, said that it felt like they never left, when it came to skills.
  7. by   luv2swim
    Thanks so much for the feedback- I have been out of nursing for 12 yrs(kept lic. up-so that's good) I do agree it's like riding a bike-you've done it before you can do it again- I know for me a refresher would help with confidence- Just hope it will be worth it!