Redbook Magazine article slams NPs - docs warn public to stay away from NPs - page 4

press release: <<< ANA Reacts to Redbook Article Disparaging NPs ANA President Barbara Blakeney, MS, RN, CS, ANP, has written a letter in response to an article in the November 2002 issue of... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Agree fab4...there ARE DEFINATELY times when seeing an MD is preferable to seeing an one here would reasonably dispute this! However, this article was a very open blanket statement to women all a whole.....and this mag is NOT a medical/health journal so sweeping generalizations like that do not only a disservice to the NP's they disparaged, but also the CONSUMER, who may or may not fully understand its implications and subtle way of swaying opinion in a misleading and dangerous way. Your situation illustrates why CHOICES for the consumer MUST be allowed, w/o unfair tainting from special-interest groups (of any persuasion), trying to make a strong political statement to fulfill an agenda. NO flamesuit needed; your post makes perfect sense to me!
  2. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Oh and thanks for your support,guys. I am sure, however,the letter was discarded and disregarded. But DAMN it felt GOOOOD to get it off my chest! (I am a bit bytchy anyhow, so I used some "bad karma" to my advantage)........You guys are great!