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  1. I'm a new registered nurse with a DWI arrest this past weekend. At 36 years old, I have never had anything like this happen before, and I have absolutely no criminal history. I truly made a stupid mistake, and I am very aware of it. Thankfully no one was hurt or worse. I have been a practicing LVN for 3 years and graduated in May and sat for my NCLEX-RN late May. My attorney would like to try to get a Pretrial Diversion, in order that I might complete the program and have my record expunged, and hopefully do so before my license is set to be renewed in April of 2020. I know that I really still need to report the expunged offense with my application for renewal, but does anyone have any experience with anything like this, and if so, can you provide some (hopefully positive) insight? I'm terrified that I might have blown my chances at doing what I love, and supporting my family in the process. I would also like to know how this might affect my chances at landing a state job in the future (both immediate, and further down the road). I had accepted a position Friday with Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services, and had a set start date of July 1. I'm already employed as an RN at this time with a local hospital, but I was hoping to move to a position I might have better benefits and leave with. I'm already painfully aware that I made a ridiculously bad mistake. Please don't kick me while I'm down.
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    I've never been in your position and I'm sorry you are going through this. I just renewed my license last week and it specifically asked if I had any DWI or drug related charges since my last renewal including any expunged offenses. So I don't think even if you get it expunged that you can get out of informing the BON. Hopefully someone who has been in this situation can give you some better insight on what to do. (Hugs)
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    Thank you. I was already planning to make sure to provide the court order showing expungement if we make it that far. I'd rather be honest and get it all out there in the open, than walk on eggshells hoping it doesn't come up. What I read on the BON website says you don't have to report expunged offenses, but should the court not file documents in a timely manner, it could bite you in the bottom. I know my county takes a while to file things sometimes, so I wouldn't risk that at all. I guess other things I'm worried about are will this follow me through every renewal? Will it prevent state employment? Do I need to report to my current employer? Could I be terminated for something like this? Where does TPAPN come into play? I understand that this happens to people more often than they'd like to admit, but I'm truthfully so disappointed with myself that I could just crawl under a rock at this point. Idk how people get through stuff like this and go on to be productive members of society again. I was reading on another forum (maybe it was Florida), that the stipulations and sanctions for offenses like this were so bad that sometimes it was better to find another line of work. I am just devastated at the thought of it.
  5. by   JBudd
    I think your lawyer needs to look into that as well, with your BON. What ever you do, don't NOT follow directions, if they ask "including expunged", include it!

    We certainly aren't lawyers, and every BON is different. Not to mention, people tend to exaggerate their problems in forums, for the sympathy factor.

    Good on you taking responsibility for yourself.
  6. by   adjrn
    Well it was my bad decision-no one else's. It just goes to show you could be on top of the world one minute, brought down the next if you're not living right. The ink didn't even have time to dry on my new license before this happened. Attorney says it happens to doctors, nurses, attorneys and even judges every day, but I just can't imagine. I'll just do what I have to do, and if nothing else, I'll walk away with a valuable lesson learned. I just really hope it's not at the expense of my license.
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    I doubt that it will be, or there would be a lot fewer nurses. Our hospital tried at one point to put into the contract they could fire anyone for a DWI, saying it would reflect badly on the hospital as the employer. Didn't fly.

    Think about it, nurses who are diverting get put onto diversion programs, they have repeated bad behaviors. One time on a clean record will go far. I don't think you'ld even get a probation type punishment from the BON, especially if you jump through all the hoops to get it expunged; that would mean you'ld already done whatever they would have asked anyway.
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    How do we find the forum it was moved to? Can't find it anywhere. Thank you.
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