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We had our nursing school's "field trip" to the BON this week. I have to say it was so disappointing. I went in with the idea in my head that it would be fair and professional, but in fact it just... Read More

  1. by   jginnetti
    Yep, I didn't want to make those observations/accusations because I'm a man but I couldn't agree more. The Connecticut BON is supposed to be comprised of my "peers." Are there any men on it? Nope. I have an acquaintance who is an MD (male). He was caught writing controlled prescriptions despite not having a controlled drug license from Connecticut. He also wasn't keeping any records on these "patients." His punishment? A reprimand and a fine. His license? Still in his pocket. People on the BON have no accountability. They can do whatever they want to whoever comes before them and they answer to no one. If they make a mistake or intentionally step over the line in their decisions? Tough luck. You can have it.
  2. by   BabyLady
    Quote from DolceVita
    BabyLady I wish I could say I disagree about some groups of women, but what you say can all to often be true.
    Thank you for understanding where I was coming from.

    I love being a female, I love every aspect of being a woman....but gosh, we are different! We have our quirks...and this is one of them when we get into groups.

    We have seen over and over again of "nurses eating their young"....but could it not just be the nursing profession but ANY female-dominated profession?????

    When you really think about is!

    Men can get into a fist fight one day and go have a beer the next.

    Women will bring up a nasty rumor that they thought you spread about them when you see them at your 30-year class reunion!!!!
  3. by   NurseGuapo
    I believe you misunderstand. She had her indiscretion two years before she earned her RN. She was documented sober from the time of her DUI since... I'd like to add that it's remarkable to be able to do that. Most people with an alcohol problem relapse long before that. The BON were incredibly unfair. The expectation of beyond excessive check in's and bimonthly drug tests, were not only oppressive but cumbersome to manage,

    It's not like she missed multiple appts. She was cooperating. One distraction/pregnancy and she gets her license suspended. The other one steals from the hospital and gets nothing... That's beyond unfair. It's not like the arrest was after she got her license, and then got arrested. DUI's are wrong but her punishment was more severe than some rapists, thieves, murderers. I'm not even joking...

    [QUOTE=Daytonite;3643510]I think you are being much harsher than the BON. In the first case you have a known user of alcohol who had a DUI on her public record. She was given rules to follow and didn't. So, she has consequences for that. Alcoholics are manipulators and will lie and twist the truth to suit their own purposes. When they drink they get forgetful. Maybe that is why she forgot to phone in and not the reason she gave. Now, none of us knows if this nurse is an alcoholic or not, but she was convicted of a DUI so why should the BON believe she isn't? You want to make it a case of bias because she was an RN? She broke the law by driving drunk and endangering people's lives! How do any of us know she doesn't still have an alcohol problem even if she is pregnant?
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