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    I am a registerd nurse with a diploma from a three year program. I graduated December of 2001 and began working part time in January of 2002. It is now June 19, 2003 and I have a mere 1304.25 hrs half of which were night shifts where not much teaching was taking place. Basically I am having the dilemma with making myself look good in my resume and cover letter so I may obtain a full time position. My experience is in minor burn wound care, plastic surgery patients ( ie: degloving of limbs, breat reductions, implants and tummy tucks. I really feel like I don't have that much experience in anything and that is why I want to obtain a full time position somewhere so I can get full training and be an assest to the ward. So to make a long story short , if you have any personal suggestions or any web sites that are available please let me know by either posting or pm-ing me.

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  3. by   purplemania
    Emphasize what you HAVE learned. "Experience in caring for burn wound care including pain management, interaction with patient and family, IV therapy, phlebotomy-----" Ignore what you have not experienced. I would write a list first of your daily duties then dress them up a bit by making declarative statements about each one.
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    sounds like you have experience that would be an assest on any surgical post-op unit or ambulatory surgery dept in a hospital or at a surgical center, but you can also state that you want to expand your practice and broaden your knowledge and experience by seeking a full time med-surg position. Take any applicable continuing ed seminars or courses, even the ones that you read in the nursing journals, send in the post test for CEUs, & add the course to your resume, showing your motivation & initiative for continuing education. You may only have been working part time but that doesnt mean you are not knowledgeable or experienced. Dont sell yourself short.

    <any websites>

    career planning, resume writing, interviewing skills, job finding skills, and cover letter writing for RNs:

    Your First Year As A Nurse - acquiring the job that's perfect for you:

    good luck.
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  5. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Originally posted by purplemania
    Emphasize what you HAVE learned.
    purplemania is right. put emphasis on what you have learned. There is much more to recovering the types of surgical procedures you have listed. break it down: how big is the area you are responsible for (ie # of beds, how many people you supervised...) you monitor vs, assess pain and administer medications, you teach post op wound care......there is so much that you do that would make you a helluva asset to any med/surg or ambulatory surgery ward. Look at what you do and break it down. You'd be surprised how much you do know and do and just how marketable you, as a nurse are!

    Resume/cover letter writing is stressful for anyone.....take a deep breath, look at your skills, check out the web links for reference, employ the templates in Micrsoft Word for resumes and cover letters to give you a guide and sell your self (and not cheaply either )


    You will do just fine. Warm thoughts and good luck!
  6. by   atownsendrn
    Sounds like you've all the advice you need. So {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}} to you. And good luck in finding a new job
  7. by   renerian
    Wow I think your experience would be great for a burn or plastics unit! Above postings are good. Cue in on what you know. Make a list of all the things you have worked with and feel comfortable in your knowledge base. I am sure someone will snatch you up!!! Wow let us know how you make out!