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I'm trying to find out if re-entry is possible for me. I have a BSN but only worked part-time for less than 3 years before leaving nursing to become a full-time mom. That was 18! years ago. I've... Read More

  1. by   cannoli

    My advice, and what I do, is work just enough to keep my license active, my state requires working a certain number of hours to keep the license renewed on an active status.

    There are prn positions in the hospitals that require only a few hours a month, or agency if you qualify to work for them.

    It keeps the license and the skills active. If I want to work more for some reason I can.

    I don't particularly like med-surg either, and the loads are way too heavy, but it allows me to stay in the field.

    I figure I never know what the future may bring and I may need to work to support myself and I want to be able to do that without having to take a refresher course and maybe then not being able to get hired after all.

    Good luck!
  2. by   purplemania
    Texas (I know, you are in Ohio) requires re-entry courses if license has been inactive 5 years. There is an online course through the Univ. of Texas in Houston but may not help you in your state. Anyway, I would talk to the education dept. of the facility in which you would like to work to see if they can assist you. I would not recommend a job to which you would work independently, such as Home Health or School Nurse, because you need to work along side other nurses till you get your confidence built up. And I would certainly go online to review the Nurse Practice Act for your state. It may have changed in 18 years. If you applied here we would help you get through the re-entry course, take you through graduate nurse orientation, then put you with a preceptor on the floor for one month. By that time you would be back in the swing! Experience is one thing, but having the right attitude really is something else.
  3. by   hanksRN
    Thank you for all the replies! I probably should have more specific. What I should have said is, I have ZERO desire to EVER work on the unit again! When and if I go back, I want to go directly to an office setting.

    The problem is, I enjoy a slower pace. We all know that is not found in the hospital. But, since I don't have to work, it's been hard to force myself to stick to something that I don't like. In fact, on the floor at this last job, a few nurses asked me, "why did you come back to the floor if you didn't have to?" That was suprising to me, because I figured most nurses loved their job!

    Does anybody out there work in an outpatient surgery center? When I worked for the surgeon in private practice, he had his own surgery suites, and I was a circulator and recovery room nurse, and I really enjoyed that! Are outpatient surgery centers a more relaxing enviornment?

    Thanks for the input guys!
  4. by   AgtScully
    Hi Kate's Mom, you might try the link below. I believe the cost is about $15 per module and it qualifies for CE's as well as refresher/reentry info. Good luck to you!