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I am not a nurse, but I want to become one. I am 35 and a SAHM of two, one will be 5 in a few weeks and the other will be 7 this summer. I would like to go back to college in the fall when my5 year... Read More

  1. by   jude11142
    I went back to school at the age of 40 to become an lpn and I am now 43(wow, going on 44, yikes)and back at school going for RN. You should follow your dream, time goes by so quickly and I know that sometimes the wait seems like forever but it really does go by fast.

    My children were so proud of me when I decided to go back to school. I believe that it has taught them to never give up on your dreams and that anything you want to be can be obtained through determination and hard work.

    You can do it!!! Good luck.

  2. by   Dayannight
    Go for it Cryssi! I know you can do it! Count me as another of those who where older when they started their nursing career. I was a SAH mother of five for a number of years and started as a CNA in my mid-thirty's. LVN at age 42, and just now (age 47) starting to work toward the RN. I'll probably be 51 or 52 by the time I get there, but so what?

    I'll be wishing you the best!

  3. by   Fox
    Go for your dream don't give up. I am 37 and I just started taking some of my prereq Winter 2003. Keep Your HEAD.

    GO GIRL!!!

    gOOd LuCk!!!!!!!!

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  4. by   Buddha
    I had a 62 year old in my LPN class. She passed and went on into a becoming a hospice nurse. You can do it it just takes a little planning!!
  5. by   TJjam
    It was so good to read all of your encouraging letters! I am another 'older' nursing student,just turned 41.I'm just starting my pre-reqs.This was always my dream!Keep looking ahead you can do it!!
    If God brings you to it,He'll bring you through it!!
  6. by   Sandbox Nurse
    I started a 3yr diploma course late in life with only one child and then put my husband through school while raising 2 more children. Those years are just a blur and we laugh about it now-it was a wild, crazy time. My husband was a medic and went to school full time and worked full time, I worked 12hr shifts on a medical floor. I can remember putting a 'Barney' tape in the VCR and the couch across the doorway blocking my kids in the family room and napping on the couch (when they tried to crawl across me to get out-I would wake up) just to get some rest. Was it worth it-you bet! My oldest is 17 and off to university in the fall-she says we are her inspiration as no one else in the family has a post secondary education-she's proud of us!
  7. by   Dublin37
    wow sandbox, you are encouraging! My kids are 8 and 11, and even though they are proud of me, they also want me "there" as they were so accustomed to previous. Anyhoo, will keep trudging! Heather
  8. by   FranEMTnurse
    I'm a second career LPN. I entered nursing school when I was 54. It was a very rewarding experience for me, and I hold the school record for witnessing the most births in one day.
    6 births in all. 3 singles, and a set of triplets via c-section. I witnessed a total of 8 births, and assisted the physician with one. OB/GYN is definitely one of the areas I love. Especially when it comes to teaching parents how to bathe a newborn. I just love handling babies.
    My second favorite is OR nursing, and the third favorite is ER nursing. I have an 18 year record of being an EMT, CPR instructor, Basic First Aid, and OSHA regulations. I graduated 4th in my class on a full scholarship.
    In light of all of that, I definitely say, "Go for it!"
  9. by   Sammysue
    I am a little apprehensive about starting classes in the fall at the age of 29. I am glad to see I am not the only onw.
  10. by   Kayzee
    You are never too old to learn. I went back to school at age 40. Took some pre courses during summer. Took me 3 years and I am so glad I did it. Still paying off school loans but have so much more confidence in myself. Follow your heart. Good luck. I also feel that the older student is more willing to sacrifice and work hard to reach their goals.
  11. by   Cryssi
    Thank you all very much for your replies..I am very encouraged! It isn't too late to fulfill dreams/goals. If you wait too long, you never know what may happen, huh? You could all of a sudden come down with a debilitating illness; lose limbs or even your life, all while waiting for the right time to come. Not to be gruesome, but what I'm trying to say is we never know what tomorrow brings, so shoot for the stars today.

    God bless us all,
  12. by   Linda49
    Always wanted to be a nurse, flunked out the first time at 20. Took classes all the intervening years with the idea I'd go back when I could. Applied to a BSN program at 49, was accepted and then was terrified. I am a social animal....would I have any friends or would they all be my kids' ages and not talk to me? Would I be able to keep up with the "kids"? Would I like the program? Would the professors even talk to me since I might be older than they are?

    Well...I had friends and was even voted to be the class speaker at graduation. My dearest friends/study buddies were 32, 28, 27 and 22 and they didn't have kids (my kids were 18 and 23 when I graduated). I was one of the the class nerds, and there were some that beat me by a ton, so I couldn't keep up with them. There were many things I could teach them that I never knew about and LOTS they taught me! I didn't like everything about the program, but I loved becoming a nurse. The professors DID talk to me...about school, our kids, my prior careers, their attempts at returning to school to get their doctorates!

    Today I had lunch with the director of our university program to discuss what my friends and I would like to see changed, improved, kept the same. Becoming a nurse is the best thing I ever did...except have my kids! My husband thought I was nuts, but supported me. My kids were the most proud....except maybe for my parents! DO IT! "You'll be 52 anyway..may as well be doing what you want" was my motto! Take ONE day at a time and know that dumber people than you are have done this, so you can too! Ha! Good luck.
  13. by   Ashera
    Just got my LVN license a month after I turned 50 and am now working on a fast track from LVN to BSN!
    JUST DO IT!!!