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I am not a nurse, but I want to become one. I am 35 and a SAHM of two, one will be 5 in a few weeks and the other will be 7 this summer. I would like to go back to college in the fall when my5 year... Read More

  1. by   Cryssi
    Thank you all for your encouraging replies! I didn't know there were so many who started this career at a later age. I have always wanted to become a nurse, but left it in the back of my mind while life took over and I did other things, but the thought was always there. Meanwhile I was interested in anything medical. The desire to get into nursing got really strong over the last couple of years. My brother had lung cancer and when he was dying, and our family was up at the hospital, I was SO impressed with the care he got from the nurses. He had many times when he had bm on himself, and to see the nurses diligently clean him up with no complaints (I mean, I know that is part of the job,but it is unpleasant). They kept him comfortable, and were wonderful with us. And my mom has taken a downturn in the past year. She is wheelchair bound due to an accident 5 years ago where she fell and broke her leg in 7 places. She is 77 and has mild alzheimers. She can't hold her body functions well and urinates all over herself often, she needs to be lifted from her chair to the bed and to the toilet often. My 82 year old dad is in failing health also, but he is the main caretaker. It gets to the point where he has trouble lifting her. I'm there often during the week and when I am there, I do the lifting and whatnot, and sometimes even get peed on in the process! And you know what, the desire to become a nurse just gets stronger. I like taking care of sick people. I also like the fact that there is something different everyday, and you are not just sitting doing one thing day after day. I am also a people person. Forgive me for rambling. Thank you very much for your replies, and I just want to salute nurses because you guys do an awesome job.

  2. by   tigger2sassy
    hi guys!!!!!!!!! just got through reading the posts and was very impressed with the people who want to get into nursing later in life-- i am going on 48 and have been an lpn for 19 years-- it has taken me this long to really decide that i needed to further my education as a nurse-- the above posts are full of fantastic advice for everyone in nursing-- life experiences are the greatest teacher for us -- we can all learn from the experiences of others as well as nursing programs-- am looking forward to furthering my education into an rn program-- kudos to those who start the journey late in life-- may god richly bless you all tigger2sassy
  3. by   Repat
    Yes - thanks all! I am considering returning for my MSN. My kids are 6 and 10, hubby unsupportive so I'll be 'on my own'. Just got the application packet in the mail and got a severe case of cold feet. Your posts have re-invigorated me! I would love to teach. That's my goal. So good luck, all of us!
  4. by   fulwood
    I am 41 and left my boring job of 14 years 6 months ago to pursue what I want. You are not too old. My only thing to add is with children perhaps as others say get list of prereqs from shcool you wish to attend and look at doing as many classes over internet as you can if that will make you life easier. You are guaranteed one thing only - you will get older - it's what you
    choose to do with rest of your life that is in your hands (some variation on Erma Bombeck quote I believe).
  5. by   suzy253
    Hiya. I just got accepted to nursing school and I just turned 50 two months ago. I'm ready for it! Excited to learn and looking forward to the fall!
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I say this all the time: IN 4 years you will be 39. In 4 years you can be 39 without a degree and RN or WITH THEM. Your choice. And I have to laugh when anyone thinks it's too late to go back at 35. It's never too late to fulfill a dream. JUST DO IT.
  7. by   zudy
    Go for it!! There were 2 ladies in my LPN class that had 5 kids each, and they made the highest grades in our class. One of the saddest things I hear is from pts, families, friends is "well, I always wanted to be a nurse, but....." they had kids, husbands,etc, or they were too old. One lady said to me, "I would be 50 when I graduated from nursing school if I went back to school." I said "How old will you be then if you don't go back to school?" And we are always here to encourage you!
  8. by   graysonret
    Went to school at 37. 2 people, who graduated were both in their 60s. Not surprisingly, the ones who did the best in school were the older ones. The ones who struggled were the 18-20 year olds. Personally, I haven't had any problems since being a nurse. I've enjoyed the career change. Good luck!
  9. by   elanurse
    Hi All,

    I am 34 and I have one more year to finish my nursing diploma (Canada). I had been away from school since I was 16 and was nervous about the return. However, after many years contemplating nursing, talking and talking I finally took action.

    I have two young children and I would say that is the hardest part, being able to let go of the guilty feelings related to not being as available to them as when i was before school. However, I agree with all the people who say no matter what you age and my kids will get older and I hope they will remember and respect me more for being able to return to school and fulfill a long time dream. The going is rough at times, but I just keep the end goal in my mind and ultimately it will all be worth it.

    I too thought I was "old" to go back to school, but you wouldn't believe how many people are around my age and older in the program. Life has changed and many people are not only starting careers at a later age, they are changing careers - the stability of one career is not as it used to be. People are pushing more for their happiness in work.
  10. by   luv-my-dal
    I'm in my 30s currently LPN student trying to juggle children, school and other stressful stuff, but I know this will be worth it. I've come to the conclusion that I need to do something for me and I have contemplated this for a while. There are people in my class in their 50s. I would not worry about age. If this is what you want to do, then you deserve to give yourself that opportunity! Those of us starting later will have our own life experiences to bring to the profession. Best of luck to you!!
  11. by   Worthy
    Oooooo DO IT!!! Don't mean to yell, but I know where you are coming from. I'm 33, and will be entering my first year of RPN in September. I decided to do it last fall, and have spent the last months taking pre-req's so I can be ahead (actually cut my first year in HALF by doing that! I'll be under so much less stress).

    I never thought I could do it. I wasn't a good student when I was younger - and I've held a variety of jobs ranging from secretary at a Record Label to my current position, Payroll for a Trucking Company. I feel that my varied background gives me a better chance at being able to relate to my future patients. And you know what, I am SHOCKED to discover I'm doing really well in school - I'm getting grades in the 80's and 90's...I was hoping just to pass!!

    Some of the best advice you will get will come from this board. Someone here (I wish I could remember who it was) gave me my number 1 line "make friends with the dust bunnies". So true!!! And I have. Yeah, things slide. So what.

    When I'm on my deathbed many years from now, what will I be saying? "I wish I'd quit school and spent more time cleaning my house" or "I'm so glad I found out what I was capable of".

    Start slow. Start with a course that will give you confidence. Success will make you more confident in yourself. I can't believe the change in my outlook and attitude in the last 10 months, and it's because I've found out I really can do it. You will too!!!!

  12. by   debRNo1
    GO FOR IT..............

    Stay at home mom of 2, never had a "real" job, got divorced, went to school......

    LPN at 30

    RN at 40

    Hopefully have my BSN sooner or later

    good luck

  13. by   yougohelen
    I say,GO FOR IT! I am starting nursing school at age 43! I went
    to school for clinical medical assistant @ age 41. I was scared
    but determined. The school I went to was hard on a lot of girls.
    Most of the younger girls dropped out during anatomy
    physiology. It was us "old Chicks" that hung in there.
    I graduated and now work for four doctors and they have offered
    to write me the letters of recommendation I need to get to go
    to the nursing school I have chosen. I am going to be an RN. May
    God be with you!