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  1. Hi!!
    I'm starting my first RN job next week and would like some advice on what kind of shoes to get....I used NurseMates for clinicals and didn't find them to be too great. I am recovering from a sprained ankle so I need something with support. I also have a hard time finding shoes for my high arches. I was thinking of getting an athletic shoe like New Balance....any suggestions on which ones have worked for you with the long hours you are on your feet???
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  3. by   kcasey
    I wear cross trainers. My favorite (most comfortable) shoes are Ryka (female owned company and shoes made specifically for women) and Reebok. Cross trainers come up a little higher on your foot and also provide a lot of support for those darting movements you use while walking and stopping alot. Hope that helps!
  4. by   webrose
    [FONT=century gothic]Get Birkenstocks!!!--Great for high arches--expensive but last much longer than athletic shoes/FONT]
  5. by   P_RN
    Rockport ProWalkers. Get 2 pair and rotate them. Replace them in about 6 months or when they start getting too soft/out of shape. Plus if you itemize you can take the uniform shoes off your taxes. I usually take one of the 2 pair to Goodwill and use the other for gardening etc. Wonderful shoes.
  6. by   BrandyBSN
    if you are not too worried about making a fashion statement, i recommend SAS shoes. They are a little expensive, i think I paid 120 for mine, but they are soooo comfortable, and have great support.
  7. by   Lisa32
    How about for flat feet/low arch?
  8. by   BrandyBSN
    my feet are very flat, but my mom has very high arches. We both agree that SAS are the best, because they form to your foot, and give support exactly where it is needed.
  9. by   Katmease
    I wear Dansko Professionals. I don't think much of their looks but I have rheumatoid & psoriatic arthritis & they help me make it through those 12 hour shifts. In fact, I have black ones that I wear when I'm not at work. They come in a bunch of colors also. I have white & cornflower blue for nursing.
  10. by   NurzofFaith
    I've tried Rockers and didnt care for them. I now have a pair of Reebok cross trainers for work and school..awesome shoes.

    When I graduate I want Birkenstocks though...they look so comfy!

  11. by   RNforLongTime
    Nursemates suck! I have a pair of Reebok walking shoes--the brand new model and after a week or so of being broken in they are sooo comfortable. I also had a pair of New Balance 608's and those too were comfy!
  12. by   AmyRN1227
    Thanks for all the great advice! Do the Birkenstocks just come in the clogs? I don't know if we are allowed to wear them at work. Would those give me enough support? Also, I'm drawing a blank but what does SAS stand for? I've heard Rockports are also good shoes....I will have to shop around.

  13. by   shyviolet78
    I have the New Balance 608 shoes (crosstrainer) and they are excellent. Also, they are almost solid white, if your hospital has a policy about this. Many people at my hospital swear by the Anywears clogs and they come in every color you could imagine. I bought a pair, but I just can't get used to them--puts a strain on my calves, plus I'm always curling my toes under to keep them from sliding off. Maybe they get better once you are used to them though. They are alot cheaper than Birki's; I paid $40 for the clogs and $65 (I think) for the New Balance. The New Balance were well worth their cost!
  14. by   webrose
    Birkenstocks come as plain clogs or with clog style and heel strap--they also make regular shoes--just make sure you go to a store and get properly fitted as they come in European sizes-
    most institutions require closed toes but are ok with clogs--all the OR people wear some type of clogs --
    I love my birks so much I bought a brown pair of clogs for winter and sandals for summer--when I do wear other shoes my feet object!!