Question about Hemodialysis Nursing

  1. I have already been accepted to a nursing school but there is a one year waiting list. I am done with all of my pre-requisites and I was wondering if I should take a technical course in hemodialysis. It wouldn't go towards my RN, but I was wondering if it could be a job I could do at a hospital while I am waiting to start nursing school.... any suggestions would be great I am so confused. Thanks!
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  3. by   TazziRN
    It's your decision
  4. by   nj1grlcrus
    I took phlebotomy while I was waiting, it was cheap, and interesting, I get to interact with patients, it covers some of the same basis stuff as first year nursing. The hemodialysis course offered here was expensive, but i think it would be useful, it is up to you, good luck, Donna
    PS I am now in overlapping courses, I am in both nursing clinicals AND phlebotomy clinicals, its crazy, mornings for phlembotomy, and nights for nursing. I get about five hours sleep on those days, but I can take days off in phlebotomy, yes, i am crazy.
  5. by   damarystx
    I worked as a dialysis tech before going to nursing school, it was a great experience I did not need to take a course for it though...they wanted cna's but since I had phlebotomy experience they hired me and all training was on the phlebotomy training was all on the job as well...anyway...I learned a lot doing dialysis and the stuff I learned definitely helped when we covered that in nursing school...
  6. by   TrudyRN
    Can you go directly to work now in a Hemo unit? If so, do it.

    If you have to go to school, you'll have to weigh cost, etc. into your decision.
  7. by   Lacie
    Consider inquiring with a local dialysis clinic (possibly chronic) as many companies will pay for your schooling or contribute to it while you either work as a PCT or promise to work for them for 2 years post-graduation as an RN. I know the company I work for does and they are a national company.
  8. by   VieraGrl1030
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions... I appreciate it.
  9. by   mo-mo
    Getting hemo experience is a great idea, IMO. You learn a lot about kidney function and disease. And once you learn the machines, the concept of HD pretty much sticks. You could go into acute or chronic HD, peritoneal dialysis, staff teaching, product or drug sales. (We administer very expensive meds in dialysis.) I think nephrology is interesting and dynamic, so I'd recommend it to any student/new grad. It's one of those specialties that you either hate or love right away, so why not give it a shot and find out?
    Aloha, momo
  10. by   herecomestrouble
    I have been thinking about working in dialysis too.At my age and with my health problems I'm physically unable to work fulltime in LTC or hospitals.I have been told that dialysis is less physical work.Does anyone know if this is true?
  11. by   Chipola
    I have work in diaylsis a long time. I have work my way up from a PCT to an RN. This is a very physical job. My day starts at 4:00 am and ends at 7:00pm. Besides all my nursing duties (rounds, meds, paper work) I still have to put on patients, set up machines, and clean. In other words if you are looking for a less stressfull, less physical job don't go into dialysis.
  12. by   herecomestrouble
    Thanks Chipola