Question about gout?

  1. Ok I need help!! Any nutrition people out there?

    my dad is 52 yrs old, diabetic, 4 yrs post car accident (fractured fibula & tibia-both requiring surgery with hardware placement, then subsequent removal), hypertensive, obese, and has chronic gout attacks.

    We have been researching a diet that would help with these attacks and what meds he should avoid/take. Some of my nursing books say gout pts should AVOID aspirin, but internet sites say to AVOID tylenol.... He absolutely has to take pain meds....

    He is on Ziac, allopurinol, glucophage XR, actos, and aspirin (for pain.)

    Allergic to PCN.

    Can anyone help?


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    Got this from my Med Surg book
    Medical Intervention. Indefinite daily colchicine to reduce attacks. urecosuric meds (probenecid) block tubular reabsorption of filtered urate in the kidneys and so reduce the metabolic pool of urates by increasing uric acid excretion. Salicylates antagonize the action of other uricosuric agents so they cannot be given together.Allopurinol inhibits uric acid formation.sometimes used in conjuction with uricosuric drugs. Fluid intake should be up to 3 liters daily when uricosuric drugs are taken.
    Dietary management avoid acidity and dehydation. Restrict dietary purine. Foods high in purine: liver kidney, sweet breads, anchovies, sardines and meat extracts.
    Hope this helps some.
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    I have also read that consuming cherries prevent gout attack. you may google this for more information.
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    Black Cherry juice concentrate. Found in Health Food Stores and sometimes in the grocery store where they carry healh foods. Good in an acute attack, not preventative. Stay away from shellfish and high protein diets..
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    I know cherry juice is supposed to help. What about getting your dad a dietician consult?
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