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In clinicals the other day, I came across a Customer Satisfaction sheet that reflected how happy the patients (oops, sorry, customers) were with the hospital's services provided. The Physical Therapy... Read More

  1. by   sunnyjohn
    You made your bed, so lie in it QUIETLY!
    ...and make sure you tuck the covers in tight too!

    Maybe if she didn't fill in the gaps so much management would realise they had staffing gaps and fill them. It would eventually make her job as scheduler so much easier.
  2. by   PeachPie
    Quote from miko014
    You made your bed, so lie in it QUIETLY!
    Haha, can I please use that? I too dislike people like Holden Caulfield who put themselves in situations and whine.
  3. by   miko014
    Quote from PeachPie
    Haha, can I please use that? I too dislike people like Holden Caulfield who put themselves in situations and whine.
    Sure, what the heck.

    It's not that I don't have sympathy, but I have enough trouble dealing with my own stuff (say, the 93 year old who can't walk but won't stay in bed, and the guy who only speaks Spanish, and the guy from Ethiopia who only knows about 12 words in English, 2 of them being "Coca" and "Cola") to listen to you whine about something that you intentionally did to yourself! Maybe that dates back to the time when I was a tech and picked up a bunch of shifts over Christmas break becasue someone else was sick...I ended up working 7 days in a row, and when they screwed me over on day 7 of 7, I said something about it (along the lines of "This sucks! It's my 7th day in a row, can't you give me a break??). My manager replied, "It was your choice to do 7 days in a row." Of course that was after they begged me to do it because it would have put everyone else into overtime. That's when I decided to help out when it works, but I'm not going to kill myself to try to please anybody! I have to echo what someone else said about people "complaining" about things just because they want to call attention to their "good deed". I work with a few like that, and it gets to the point where I just want to scream sometimes! Eew, this post makes me look like a *bleep*! :icon_redface:
  4. by   BrnEyedGirl
    world class customer service !!!!

    this is posted in various forms all over my hospital!! press ganey reports are posted quarterly in our employee bathroom w/notes from our nm,..."way to go, i'm soooo proud!! or,....."we all need to work on this guys"..depending on the week. anything below the 95% is unacceptable!

    about 8 months ago we all recieved emails w/ our new evaluation form. 60% of my evaluation is now based on "customer service" and only 40% on my "technical skills and nursing perfomance". i was absolutley speechless, which is a rare thing for me. i find this attitude insulting, degrading and dangerous!! when i voiced my feelings to our nm, she stated "that is what our pt's expect, why they come back to us". i cannot begin to fathom how a pt would prefer "restaurant style meals" and "spa-quaility attendance to personal needs" over quality, competent, safe medical care!!!!

    this is absurd. my degree is not in hotel/motel management. i guess now it is okay for me to give 100 units of novolog rather than the intended 10 units (all those zeros just confuse me:uhoh21: ) , as long as i do it with a smile!! "geee mr jones,.i'm so sorry i hung that bag of dopamine instead of dobutamine,..silly me,..but would you care for an extra chocolate pudding for dessert, or could i bring your three kids some ice cream or maybe assist your wife downstairs to the gift shop and buy her some magazines so she doesn't get bored durring your extended stay?"

    i'm sorry the food isn't always to your liking (no salt, no fat), i'm sorry you can't have that third mt dew before your stress test, i'm sorry we don't have an empty rooms for your family to stay in, and no i cannot watch your three year old while you and your wife "go outside for a bit of fresh air"!!

    yes it really is important that i check your bp, again, before i give your catapres, yes npo p 2400 does mean your wife can't bring you a chocolate malt at 3am, you can't keep your bottle of vicodin on the bedside table and "take it whenever i want it",..

    this is a hospital, people are sick, they feel crappy, are often scared, and don't want to be here. we often must do repetitve, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful procedures in order to take the very best care of your health! this is a hospital not the hilton!! why is this sooooo hard for people to understand? i refuse to believe that my pt's really want a personal maid over an intelligent, well educated, competent, professional nurse!!

    okay,...i'll stop,...aaaarrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!
  5. by   miko014
    I agree! What I want to know is, why don't they care about the RNs? And why do we let them treat us that way? Or should I say, why do the hospitals let them treat us that way? Well, it's becaue they want money, but I still don't feel like I should go to work every day with that litle thought in the back of my head, "gee, I hope I don't get sued for anything I do today". I think people just have very little idea of what RNs actually do.

    We have press ganey that pts fill out, and then every year we have the employee opinion survey. Lots of stuff happens when press ganey is bad, but it seems like they don't care about the EOS. It's like, the unit with the highest participation rate gets a pizza party (must be nice...for day shift), but then we don't hear anything else about it. I know that a lot of people on my unit gave a lot of things very bad scores, but we never heard a word about it. <Sigh>. Why don't I just work at McDonalds?
  6. by   Smile4happy
    Amen to that. Interesting, I just recently finished a CNA course, where we had clinicals at a hospital, we were assigned to a staff CNA to work with, and...they way the patients were wanting this and that, asking for dinner, (med/surg), asking why the drip wasn't dripping, and could we go get the nurse, another one wanted the blood/sugar checked so they could go ahead and eat, WOW, I didn't even work there, and I felt like, I was a waitress, more than a CNA. The patient...oops, customer is always right, hmph!!