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    I'm a freshman in college and I'm thinking a major in nursing.
    One of my friends, interested in nursing, is going to transfer to a community college, so she could get a job soon.
    I believe it is necessary to get a B.S. degree, yet I'm not sure.
    What do you think is a good idea?
    Someone told me that nurses clean AFTER patients. (bedsheets, their bodies, etc.)
    Is that true?

    Thanks ~
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    No, you don't not have to have a BS to be a nurse... There are several diploma and Associate degree programs that can lead someone to the end result of RN..

    Yes nurses clean after their patients, usually you have an aide but not always.... Who else would clean them??
  4. by   fab4fan
    Perhaps you should do a little research about nursing before you change your major. I'm not sure how you can have an opinion about the necessity of a degree when you have no idea what it is nurses do.
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  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Ok here is an idea: Why not shadow a REAL LIVE NURSE to see what it's all about? It's ok not to know what it is about ...but my friend, it is NOT OK to change majors and go into it blindly. IT would be a HUGE mistake. You have NO idea what you would be in for.

    Like said above, you have no idea what we do and what we are about. Oh and YES we DO "clean up after patients" . However, butt-wiping IS just ONE TEENY TINY PART OF WHAT WE DO and we are NOT above it. But, if you feel you are above the more menial parts of our job, puuuhleeze, do not even THINK of changing majors.

    Meantime, do what I suggested. Shadow an RN and decide for yourself if this is for you. I wish you luck.
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  6. by   nessa1982
    I'm a first semester student who just started her clinicals less than a month ago, and yes you have to clean up after patients. When people are sick they tend to bad at aiming thier body fluids and then tend to get on you (yes its gross, but you deal and its not as bad as I thought it would be). I know because my patien was try ing to use a urinal asked me to help him use it and then he um ...missed.

    Anyhow I would suggest asking some real nurses about how it all works or maybe volunteer in a hospital. Nursing is not for the squeemish lemme tell ya
  7. by   Disablednurse
    If you have a problem with bodily fluids such as bowel movements, urine, vomit, phlegm, snotty noses, and blood, this would not be the profession for you. It does not matter what your degree is in nursing, you will inevitably come in contact with one or all of them. That is a part of your care that you give patients. Please do not change your major until you have a firm understanding of what you will be doing. TV makes it look glamorus, but it is not always a glamorous thing. (my spelling is not very good tonight)