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    institute for safe medication practices (ismp) nurse advise-err

    a medication safety newsletter written especially for nurses by nurses. as an adjunct publication to the widely read ismp medication safety alert! acute care edition, this monthly, two-page newsletter will be offered free to nurses during 2003 and 2004 through an unrestricted grant from eli lilly and company used to fund the start-up of this important publication. while the drug safety issues covered in the ismp medication safety alert! acute care edition are certainly applicable to nurses, anecdotal evidence suggests that crucial medication safety information may not be reaching very busy front-line nurses who are continuously overwhelmed with information related to a wide variety of important issues. through its unique design, it's anticipated that ismp nurse advise-err will be just the vehicle needed to deliver valuable medication safety information to nurses who administer medications.

    in the february 2004 issue of nurse advise-errä, a peer-reviewed newsletter published by the institute for safe medication practices.

    -- could you mix up iv lines while setting up or programming a multiple-channel iv pump?
    -- the risks of leaving an unneeded intra-arterial line in place.
    -- ismp issues a list of high-alert medications.
    -- helpful questions to use when evaluating infusion pumps.
    -- enter the ismp patient safety contest, being held in celebration of national patient safety week, march 7-13, 2004.

    free ce: you can earn free continuing education units for reading the 2003 issues of this newsletter. visit to participate.

    nurse advise-errä is offered free during 2004 through an educational grant from eli lilly and company. we encourage you to redistribute it to as many nurses as possible in your healthcare system. if you're not already a subscriber, visit to sign up. back issues of the newsletter are available at:

    i receive this publication at work and distribute throught my organization. recommend that all nurses & nursing students read it. karen
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    thanks for the info!!
    Thank you so much for the information!!! Will share it with my students.
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