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Hello everyone, I would just like everyone's opinion on what you think professional attire should be for nurses and what are the requirements at the facility in which you work. Do you think... Read More

  1. by   Michelle_nurse
    I think it is important to look professional, like not "night club attire"..I am not against scrubs, I wear them at work. I work in geriatrics, where the patients like seeing other colors than white.

    I will never wear a dress, talk about impossible to move freely.

    I am alright with the casual clothing, like dress pants and a dressy sweater.....with a lab coat. Many nurses wear this where I work. (It's geriatrics: there are only nurses and orderlies working with the occasional doctor, or RT.)

    I think it would upset more nurses if uniforms were standardized.
    I wouldn't want to wear the same outfit every day for the rest of my life!
  2. by   rjcpdc01
    As long as RNs wear name tags that identify them as RNs, It should not matter what color the uniform is. Patients just need to be able to identify their nurse. It doesn't take white to do that.
  3. by   saskrn
    I like white, it looks professional. BUT, it doesn't look very professional when there is blood, stool or vomit clearly visible on it. And I think we've all been there before! I go for colored or printed scrubs any day!
  4. by   Jenny P
    I wear a white turtle neck under a (subdued) print or plain warm up jacket and pressed scrub pants. I also wear 2 different "RN" pins (one is just a large "RN") and also my name tag which also states RN on it. I always feel I'm professionally dressed, and have never had a patient confuse me for dietary or husekeeping. As a CNS recently told me, scrubs are much cheaper than casual dress under a lab coat. I've done the starched whites and cap, and my scrubs always feel more comfortable and look better at the end of my day. There is no way I'd go back to wearing all whites and a cap (especially NOT the cap- I was going bald from that!). There are other ways to wear scrubs besides wrinkled and the wrong size.
  5. by   ClariceS
    LOL EMT!!!
  6. by   Chuckie
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  7. by   Miss Saigon
    Do you get RESPECT by what color you wear??
    I have to EARN my RESPECT, Society obviously still thinks that intelligence is based on apperarance, not on knowledge!! When you introduce yourself to a patient with your name and title, there should be no question of who you are. As far as those of you that state your scubs are wrinkled or look like pajamas, use an iron or get ones that fit.
    By wearing cheerful scubs you convey A LOT about who you are. If we all wear the same color we lose our sense of individuality.
  8. by   Tiara
    There has been a lot of talk about the image of nursing. I really think the image went down the tubes with the advent of silly print jackets and scrubs and ugly sneakers. I don't think wearing white takes away one's individuality. There is not a lot of respect attached to some of the cheap-looking print scrubs you see out there. Just my opinion.
  9. by   JennieBSN
    Alright, anyone who got the latest 'Tafford' catalogue, check out the digs on pages 10 and 21...YOU CALL THIS PROFESSIONAL??? Eeeeep!! Give me my starchy whites and cap over this ANY day!!
  10. by   Chris-FNP
    Wow, I'm honored I've made it into a thread twice!!! (kidding)

    Anyway, I think nurses should do what everyone else has done...change with the times. You can look professional in anything within reason.

    What I am against are nurses that wear loads of make-up and jewlery. I think 20 rings and necklaces that dangle in patient's faces is just ridiculous. A nice set of scrubs or casual attire with a labcoat is good.

    The old white uniforms and cap? Yikes!!! Not only does that look goofy, but uncomfortable as well...for women, obviously.

    Comfort is the key. A happy body with an emphasis on happy feet.


  11. by   Thistle
    I can see your point about increased respect when a nurse wears all white, but it also gives a less friendly, stand-offish appearance. I believe the patients feel more at ease when colors or prints are worn. I always wear clean, pressed white jeans with a scrub top in either a cheerful color, pretty florals or fun prints. The patients seem to like the fun prints best. As for the hats.... no thanks!
  12. by   EMT_125
    QUOTE~ Okay, y'all are going to shoot me for this, but I think it would be a good idea for nurses to go back to the 'old days' of wearing all white, caps, white hose, the whole nine. ~end Quote.

    Uh..gee, bet I would look real cute in this. All pts love to see a 6' tall 200lb high and tight haircut guy running around dressed like this. Maybe there should be a dress code, but please ladies, consider us guys when thinking about it.


    Don't meddle in the affairs of dragons. You are crunchy and good with ketchup.
  13. by   mlvogt
    I try to keep most of my uniform white a white based top with colored pants or white pants with a colored top. I think that it is so neat that we have all these different options to be individualized. I have even seen harley davidson scrubs lol. Anyways I think that most anything goes I just dont think that nurses should wear all black I think that this can be preceived as negative (maybe?)