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  1. New Grad Rates for RN's

    I work in NY I have been an RN for 3 years and was started at my current job at $14.35/hr plus $1.25hr for night shift, $3.50 extra an hour for nights on the weekends. Sounds like everybody out there should stay away form working in NY -------------...
  2. All Nurses Read This

    1) RN 2) 3 years 3) NY 4) NO 5) Somewhat 6) Yes 7) NO 8) NO 9) YES 10) YES 11) YES 12) WHAT IS THAT?? 13) Nights 14) 1 15) NO, WE NEED ONE 16) N/A 17) Well, since the hospital I work for just annouced it is closing in 90 days, all I can say right now...
  3. please help me!!!!

    I would be happy to help you
  4. Professional Attire for Nurses

    Do you get RESPECT by what color you wear?? I have to EARN my RESPECT, Society obviously still thinks that intelligence is based on apperarance, not on knowledge!! When you introduce yourself to a patient with your name and title, there should be no ...
  5. Nursing is pathetic...

    So tell me what do you think of the staffing here in Rochester, NY. I am also a nurse here. Do you work short? ever been required to work mandatory overtime? or told when you can take a personal day? I really do love nursing but I'm beginning to rese...
  6. Nursing is pathetic...

    Reading all of this, makes me sick. How can all of you selfish, money hungry people even use the term nurse and not feel guilty. I work in NY on a med/resp floor, making $14.50 an hour. You are all missing the self fufilling prophecy, that comes from...
  7. Looking for nursing websites? Can you help?

    Go to yahoo.com and search under nursing. Also you can try nursing journals, they sometimes have sites related to specific topics Good Luck
  8. nurse-patient ratio

  9. Does anyone know of a website to help understand all the legal implications of nursing, or where to get information
  10. I graduated in 98 as a ADN, and I feel that no matter how much "book" knowledge I got, that if you are not able to connect with poeple on their level all the knowlege in the world is not going to help you. I have worked on a rehab unit, a long term c...