Primary household earner? - page 5

I am curious. How many nurses are the full time primary household earner? In other words, if you quit your job for a lessor paying job, would your currnet housing/health insurance/food on the table... Read More

  1. by   chelleanne
    Ayvah, thanks so much! I am getting excited!

    ms.rosebud, let me know how it goes for you, too. You're right, it is stressful being the primary breadwinner and NOT liking your job (UGH!!!). Praying for you that a better opportunity comes up for you and for your father's health.
  2. by   LACA
    My husband is an electrician and I'm an elementary school nurse. He makes quite a bit more than I do, at least double. He will be out of his apprenticeship in May, and will get a very sizeable raise then. He's hoping to get on at a different place after he tops out, and if he does, he will make over triple what I make.
    That being said, our household would struggle if I lost my job. In a year or so, it wouldn't be as bad, but now it would be a pretty huge hit.
  3. by   Nurse4life09
    I'm currently the breadwinner as my husband is in school fulltime. Once he's done, we will be making about the same amount, I might make about 10K more, but in a few years he will be making 6 figs and I'll be a SAHM.