preparedness for NCLEX: I am feeling did you feel?

  1. I know this subject has been raked over a thousand times...but I'm feeling some very specific FEARS and DOUBTS about my ability to pass. It's not that I feel I know a good amount of the material, but am just worried about the test. I actually feel like I know next to nothing. I'm definitely embarassed to admit this, but it's true. What I'm wondering is if anyone ever felt the same way....and passed. I just don't think I know my stuff! And it's got me scared. Someone, reassure me!
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  3. by   LauraF, RN
    I took my LPN NCLEX. And felt just as you did. I was so nervous. What helped the most was taking 1 week off of work to study. The day before I took boards, I pampered myself. I got a manicure and pedicure and took myself out for a wonderful dinner.
    Good luck, I'm sure you can do it.
  4. by   meownsmile
    Yep,, same here,, i dont think anyone feels prepared. If you are working,, make sure they give you the day before AND the day after off. Some places will pay you for your days of NCLEX others will make you squirm. But make sure you take the time you need before to get yourself together,, and the day after to get yourself composed after the fact. Whether you pass or not you wont know right away, so you will need a little time to adjust your emotions anyway. Good luck!!!
  5. by   rachel h
    One thing I can tell you is that you will most likely feel like you failed after you get done with the test. I have only had 1 person tell me they were confident that they passed. Myself, I spent weeks studying OB and Peds material because I felt those were my weakest areas. I think I only had a handful of OB and Peds questions on the actual test. Got 75 questions and my heart sank... I cried the whole night, convinced I failed. And guess what? I passed, and you will too. Good Luck!
  6. by   Mint Julip
    Don't be embarrassed. There aren't too many people that don't feel anxious about taking the nclex. You know the material and you will do fine even if you don't think so right now.

    I agree Rachel. I thought I failed when I took it. I think I developed an ulcer waiting for my results. Talk about stress.

    There were other people in the exam room taking the GMAT at the same time and one of them was typing so furiously that the sound of the keys clicking was driving me nuts! To top it off he kept letting out these loud sighs. When my computer shut off at 85 questions I just knew I failed. Nope, I didn't.
  7. by   jnette
    Do you have a review CD ? That helpled me a lot. I took mine a week ago Monday..(10 days ago) and got my results today. Longest 10 days I ever spent.. well, not really, but in a "normal life". Never mind.

    I did take a full week off before my exam and did nothing but study from 0600 'til 1800 or later. Went through the CD over and over..and over again. 200-500 questions a day. The CD had 3500 questions on it !!! I had studied the book the 3 months prior.. then hit the CD. I felt pretty good about what I needed to know when I went. But felt totally confused when I left out of there. Had NO idea how I did ! Couldn't remember but 2-3 questions they asked.. then I felt those were the stupidest questions I ever heard ! " I spent the past 3 months studying my arse off day in, day out for THIS? They asked me THIS??? ".... And everybody at work.. all your family, all your neighbors are just so SURE you passed. "how can you doubt it? Of COURSE you passed! Why, you just KNOW you passed!.." etc., etc. BULL ! I knew DIDDLEY ! I was SICK. Disgusted. Wanted to crawl into my bed, pull the covers over my head, and not come out 'til the mailman brought my letter.. I just wanted to KNOW.. one way or the other !

    Now I do. Thank God. It's finally over.
    Study, study, study. The questions won't even be at ALL like you imagine. But if you've covered all your bases, then what's left? The exam.
    Don't FEAR it.. it's NOT a scary exam. Just wear your thinking cap.. it's more about whether you are able to think things thru.. make reasonable choices.
    The best to you ! Soon you, too will be saying IT'S OVER !!!!
  8. by   sjoe
    There is a student nursing forum for such concerns, as well as a graduate nurse forum for people who have most recently taken this exam.
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  9. by   jnette
  10. by   judy ann
    SJOE--I think that the reassurance of those who have been there and "lived through it" is what was asked for, not how others plan to prepare for NCLEX. Just knowing that others felt like she does and passed helps a lot. This would not be available from students. Sorry, just my 2 cents worth.
  11. by   MPHkatie
    I did feel very prepared for my NCLEX, until about 3 days after I took it, I then proceeded to freak out, lose 11 pounds in 10 days, consume maddening amounts of caffiene, and panic. I think we all do it at some point (the worry, I mean). You have spent years preparing to take the test, you will do very very well. I think, the best advice is also given by jnette, regarding studying.
    Best Wishes, soon to be Nurse!!
  12. by   askater11
    I felt the same way. That was 7 y/o ago. I passed after one try.

    I studied by reading a NCLEX study book. I didn't cram. I started reading small amouts everyday until the day of the exam. Take a nice slow breath. Believe most if not everyone feels like you.
  13. by   Heather333
    My thoughts on the NCLEX was you either know it or you don't. I studied on CDROM's and looked through my book. It was stressful to think about failing so I tried to stay relaxed.