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What are some of the best practical jokes you have ever pulled off at work? I was in charge one night and we had a prisnor as a patient. The cop watching him until the county took over was a real... Read More

  1. by   Rustyhammer
    One night we had been telling stories of people who had gotten murdered by hitchikers or had there homes broken into...that kind of stuff. Well, one of the staff nurses was acting real tough, saying she would fight back and she could "take care of ANY stranger" that threatened her. One of us got ahold of her keys and hid in the back seat after that shift and as she was leaving the parking lot reached over and grabbed her shoulder. She screamed and almost hit a car and in fact DID run over some innocent shrubbery.
    We were all in the parking lot splitting a gut.
  2. by   Dplear
    I have pulled off a couple of good practical jokes....

    one night I was sitting at the nurses table(unit was so small we had a table in a hall alclove) and I was talking to a buddy nurse of mine. I heard my brother...(really my brother and also the night House supervisor) so I told my buddy to get some apple juice. I had a speciman cup on the table that I was going to take into the room but had not done I poured the apple juice in the cup, put a lable on it and set it next to a biohazard bag. I also had a bottle of coke on the desk. My brother comes over to us and sits down and starts to shoot the breeze with us. I grab my coke and take a swig and carefully set it down RIGHT NEXT to the speciman...we talked a bit more then I reached over while paying attention to him and grabbed the speciman and took the cap off and tooka big swig and spit some if it up on to the table with a funny look on my brotther could opnly push himself away from the table with a pure white color to his face and could only whisper..."what the F***??!!!!".....he was totally astonished and friend was laughing so hard he could barely stay in his chair...

    the other time we melted some chocolate in a clean papmer and went around asking if they thougt it smelled like was during Rota season...I put it up to my nose and smelled real hard and then took my finger and got a little on it and tasted it....the poor nurse we did it to fell out of her chair literally while trying to get away from us...she though I was about to puke....

    dave :roll
  3. by   MHN
    We had traffic cop as patient many yrs ago when they still stainless steel urinals .We emptied a bottle of "Dexall"effervescent antacid in the dry urinal when the cop peed it went off like a mortar shell.He got a fright ,when he got he breath back he agreed he did deserve for all the traffic tickets he had written at our hospitals staff entry and exit gate.
  4. by   MollyMo
    My assistant nurse manager put a fake name in the monitors as a new admit. I put on the telemetry and started scratching one of the electrodes so that it would resemble v-tach. The monitor tech started having a screaming fit about the patient in v-tach that no one was coding. We had to wrestle the phone from her had to keep her from calling a code herself.
  5. by   Enabled
    Ditto, keep that good work coming. As nurses, I think at times we come up with the sickest jokes that usually no one else can understand.
  6. by   Enabled
    Pleeeez, send me an application STAT. I am feeling better and I believe the disability is lessening. Thanks guys. I was working as a clerk in an ER just before I became a nurse and we had a DOA and I was asked to go empty the pockets. We usually did this in twos for security sake. Well, I did not know about gases and that a body can do strange things. Shortly, after I regained my composer a colleague came up behind me without my knowledge and put a cold hand on my shoulder that just barely touched my neck. I was no longer FOS
  7. by   Enabled
    Now that one with the resident bm is really sick and I actually think the whole idea smells but not like a rotten egg.
  8. by   fedupnurse
    Ah you brought back memories with the monitor. I put the leads on myself (Clean Ones!!) while doing post mortem care. The same PCA that we hid on the morgue stretcher was calle din to help me. I asked her to turn off the monitor and I'd take the leads off. She put her hand up to the monitor and as I tried to keep a straight face, her face turned to a look of horror. She said OMG! He's still alive. Look at that on that monitor. I said oh man! We already called the family and told them he croaked! What the hell are we going to do now! She really started to freak so we let her off the hook. We didn't tell her, mind you, I just disconnected the leads so it looked like asystole. To this day, years later she still talks about the dead guy that came back and how Thank God he had the good sense to die again before his family came in!
  9. by   fedupnurse
    MHN!!! I love that one!!! I can think of a few cops who weren't very supportive of us during our strike that I'd love to give an exploding urinal to!!!!! Might even be worth trying to find a metal urinal. Maybe an antique shop?????
  10. by   Mary Dover
    MHN, soo funny! You coming to work at OUR hospital?
  11. by   peter73
    This sort of thing is why my friends at work call me evil...
    top of the list..
    had a patient in restraints while up in w/c. She attempted to escape and almost strangled herself, flipped the chair and all...
    so the next night being April 1st...
    I put the patient to bed early, stuffed a pair of stockings with washclothes, placed them in the pants she had been wearing, flipped her wheelchair over on its' side right next to the bed, wrapped one "foot" in the frame in a rather very broken way. I then put a slipper on the other "foot", dropped the other by the chair and poured and splattered thickened cranberry juice on the floor and rubbed some on the w/c and bed with my fingers. I pulled the curtain halfway, turned off the light and pulled the alarm. A few seconds later i ran to the desk frantiic for the nurses to all come help quick and call the supervisor...
    After the shock, they loved it and have repeated the stunt...
    I also had a patient expire, after the bed was empty, it was padded with pillows, sheet pulled over the "head" I reported that the body remained in the room and family was on the way to view. After report i snuck back to the room and turned on the call light sitting next to the "body" I then crawled under the bed and lay in wait. The night nurse came in mumbling somthing about the light must be shorting...when she got right up next to the bed to turn off the light I grabbed her by the ankles and gave a little tug toward the bed. Thank God she had on her depends
    I also like the chocolate stunts.. I usually put it in a damp washclothe or towel and smear it around. I walk out in the hall and say to the next staff I see, can you put this in the bin and toss it at them. Doctors freak out the most
    Unfortunattly, everyone is on to me now and I can only get the new hires.

  12. by   Enabled
    Peter, I can see why your friends call you evil. You must find some new jokes and pranks. If I think of any I will let everyone know so that they can try it.
  13. by   AIS52
    Here's a good one I witnessed:
    Biomed has this cool little tool (or toy) that tests the tele monitors. It can produce a perfect arrythmia so while testing the monitors, the tech put in a name and room then set his little box for VF! You should have seen the looks on everyone's face when he confessed!