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What are some of the best practical jokes you have ever pulled off at work? I was in charge one night and we had a prisnor as a patient. The cop watching him until the county took over was a real... Read More

  1. by   micro
    this wasn't a practical joke, but the first entry about guards that weren't.............
    i had care in my team of a forensic patient(a prisoner-----guard supposedly at side and tracking all/all movements).........
    patient was there because they had digested something that we lucky nurses, got to expel from them......will not spell it out further.......we are all adult nurses here.............
    i knew the legality of it as well of the rest of i was cool...........
    so, lo to me, i walk into the room, patient in CLOSED BATHROOM, guard reading a magazine and not paying any attention...............

    i am the one that had to enter said prisoner's bathroom.............the said prisoner.......was more with it and actually nice to me.....and said, "Hey, yeah.....I know why i am here, I am not going to hide anything......."
    and the guard is supposed to armed and trained in this matter........

    and i am just the nurse...........
    won't disclose the gender of the guard as I do not want to enflame anyone here.........

    but i read her the riot act............

  2. by   CountrifiedRN
    This happened to a nurse I worked with when I was a CNA.

    One of the nurses on the floor had gotten a male blow-up doll as a gag gift for a bachelorette party, and brought it in to show everyone. There were three nurses on that night, and the first two decided to have a little fun with the third who had not heard about the doll yet.

    About three hours into the shift, they wrote a fake patient name (Blowup) on the board with the third nurses name as being assigned to that pt. They brought the doll into the empty room and put him in the bed, and pressed the call light. When the third nurse came into the station, one of them told her that her pt in room 201 was calling for his nurse, and was quite irate that no one had been in to see him yet.

    The third nurse got this shocked look on her face and said "I don't have a pt in room 201!" The other one said, "yes, you do. He came in when you were taking report. Didn't anyone tell you? He's on the board!" The third nurse was panicked, and said "I better go apologize to him, I didn't even know he was in there!"

    Well, she went running in to the room, while everyone suppressed their laughter. Needless to say, she was so relieved when she saw Mr Blowup, and she came out of the room telling the others how bad they were for scaring her. Everyone had a good laugh.

    As a little side note, they had wrapped Mr Blowup in a blanket to carry him from the staff lounge at the back of the unit to the room which was at the front, to keep any pts from seeing him. The nurse who was to carry him back to the lounge just haphazardly threw a blanket over him and left his feet hanging out, and was just coming out of the room, when the night supervisor walked onto the floor. He saw what she had under her arm, and his eyes got as big as saucers! She got that 'deer in the headlights look' when she saw the supervisor. Then he just shook his head, and said "I don't want to know, do I?" Luckily that particular supervisor had a sense of humor!
  3. by   blbash
    This was in the days of bag balm. I had a nurse friend who used to have a hand full of bag balm & then act as though she sneezed into her hand. Picture the visual, too funny. She was quite crass & a blast to work with!
  4. by   RN-PA
    These are all so funny and mine are pretty tame by comparison.

    My first job out of nursing school was working evening shift in a LTC facility. I was then hired by a hospital 7 months later and on my last shift there in LTC, I was making last rounds checking on the residents and I could hear a callbell ringing. When I went out in the hall to check, every room's call light was on. (The CNA's and other RN had done it.)

    Then while working night shift on Med/Surg at the next job, an LPN came over and held up a hemocult card with what looked like dark brown stool on it. She then stuck her tongue out and began to lick the hemocult slide and asked, "Do you think it'll test positive or negative?" Turns out she had attached the chocolate from a chocolate-covered pretzel to the little boxes...
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    Ya'll make me raff. Just the other night, I convinced a very shy, demure nurse that I work night shift with to play a trick on some of the med students. One of them had asked for a stool sample, and we took chocolate frosting and smeared it in a preemie diaper (I work NICU). The med student came up and said, Did you get that stool sample I asked for? She said, Yes, it's right here. She stuck a finger in it and licked it off, and I thought he was going to DIE. We laughed so hard we fell out of our chairs, and the look on his face was priceless. My mom used to work SCU, and she did a similar thing with apple juice and a urine sample...she said, Doctor, does this urine look funny to you? It's got a strange odor...she unscrewed the cap and sniffed it, made a face, and tentatively took a sip. She said he ran out of the room and got her supervisor immediately- guess he lost his sense of humor for the evening. Didn't stop the nurses from laughing about it for days, though! ;>P
  6. by   wrightgd
    I was working in ICU when one of our nurses gets on the phone and calls out to the telemetry floor. Acts as if he is from a funeral home which had just come for a deceased patient of one of the "less experienced" nurses on the tele floor... Gets her on the phone and procedes to tell her about the funeral home requirements to verify that the body is dead before they can process it for burial... He tells her that he put the supposedly dead man on a heart monitor, and he's in a sinus rhythm... She freaked... "But, but, but... he was dead".... "Ma'am, I don't know what he was there, but he's still tickin' down here. I'm afraid someone is gonna have to come take care of this man."

    She finally caught on, since there were a few onlookers rolling on the floor laughing...

  7. by   zudy
    O.K. I must confess this best joke I ever played on anyone....worked with a dr who was sooooo uptight, we had gotten some new vag speculums in, I put some lemon yogurt on one, brought it to him and said" Check out this vag discharge! Is this bad,or what!?" As he agreed, I said "you know, this smells kinda good!" and then licked the yogurt off!! He vomited!! We laughed for weeks!
  8. by   ERNurse752
    "O.K. I must confess this best joke I ever played on anyone....worked with a dr who was sooooo uptight, we had gotten some new vag speculums in, I put some lemon yogurt on one, brought it to him and said" Check out this vag discharge! Is this bad,or what!?" As he agreed, I said "you know, this smells kinda good!" and then licked the yogurt off!! He vomited!! We laughed for weeks!"

    Oh my God! He actually *vomited*!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
  9. by   Huganurse
    While I was LOL, hubby just walked in and wanted to know what was so funny. I told him, I'm on the nurses BB on a practical joke thread and asked him if he wanted to hear it. His response: NO, NO, NO, you guys are too gross for me. I didn't tell him what you did ERNurse and I think he is content not to know. I on the other hand am having a hard time stopping the hysteria. You ought to sell that one to one of the TV shows, except for the fact that only "we" would consider it funny.
  10. by   fedupnurse
    Ah, come on! How on earth can we not be warpped with what we see, hear and deal with on a daily basis!!! It's off topic but I was on a plane en route to Chicago one day and I had an article from the Journal of Nursing Jocularity. The headline was something about The Prevalence of Death in the United States. I was in absolute hysterics reading this article. The guy next to me was looking at me like I was Morticia from the Addams family or something. I swear if that plane wasn't full he would have changed his seat!
    I might have to try some of these. We've done the morgue stretcher thing a couple of times. The Aide we did it to still has a nervous tic! Also refuses to have anything to do with a dead body, morgue pack or the dreaded "green caddy" morgue stretcher. I really am liking the urine apple juice thing and the yogurt and chocolate deals were hysterical!!!!! Good work, good work!!
  11. by   micro
    i have a hard time believin this one......come on......the doc licked this one........and then vommited.........please.......

    but then again I am only micro
  12. by   Mary Dover
    This stuff is soooo funny, I was still laughing for several minutes after I walked away from the computer to go get more coffee. You guys are great! Here's an idea - let's open our own 'Allnurses' hospital. Sure would be a great team to work with.
  13. by   fedupnurse
    Count me in Mary!!!! In a heart beat! I can hear the interview questions now:
    Do you laugh hysterically when someone falls flat on their face?
    Do you engage in one upsmanship if someone plays a practical
    joke on you? (If so, you're our nurse!!)
    Are you willing to disgust uptight people by doing gross things?
    Can we open this place soon????:roll
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