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Im angry. I work for a small clinic in Northern CA. There are three RN's on staff at all time. Recently our Office Manager decided to start drug testing of all staff including Doctors. Well, one... Read More

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    on it. gonna wear my big hoop earrings and my bandana the way Rhoda did on the Mary Tyler Moore show. You wanna tie dye some tee-shirts while we listen to pink floyd?
    Sounds good Bell-bottoms are mandatory. And I'll get some shades- gotta be sure the strobe light doesn't get to freaky. We gotta do the "Hustle", too
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    Sounds good Bell-bottoms are mandatory. And I'll get some shades- gotta be sure the strobe light doesn't get to freaky. We gotta do the "Hustle", too
    Bwahahaha! I give up! I have to go to sleep or I could keep this up all night. Wouldn't it be great to have a 70's party for all nurses members?
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    "But A glass of wine with dinner doesn't impair someone"

    ... wow. Just, wow.
    Key words...... "A" glass (not the bottle ) and "impair"... Unless someone is a total lightweight (and probably female), the person won't be impaired. Reflexes, memory, reaction times, etc will not be effected. Otherwise, legal impairment would be anything other than 0.000 on a breathalyzer.

    Someone can also take a prescription-appropriate dose of MANY medications and not be impaired; up the dose past the therapeutic level, and impairment is a good possibility.

    Neither of us is going to agree with the other

    What's wrong with not agreeing?
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    Quote from myelin
    " I completely disagree, despite what the research says."

    It's quotes like these that make me a very sad panda. Critical thinking, people! Multiple anecdotes are not data.
    But people's personal experience with someone who engages in the behavior in question is going to be influenced in their beliefs....

    A different type of example. Most fathers don't murder their children. I know of one who killed all 6 of his. (if you want a name, let me know). Most mothers don't drown their kids. Andrea Yates. The kids who knew the ones who were killed are going to have a different frame of reference for the rest of their lives about what "could" happen.

    Someone who has had an alcoholic or addict in their family (or even worked with them) has a different frame of reference; and the articles about what pot does that is negative are plentiful. The "pro-pot" sites are generally pot stores....a bit biased?

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    Quote from myelin
    " I completely disagree, despite what the research says."

    It's quotes like these that make me a very sad panda. Critical thinking, people! Multiple anecdotes are not data.
    Research is not infallible. Many, many studies have been manipulated and falsified to get results scientists want. That's why most studies into new medications are funded by large, multimational drug companies (or weren't you aware of that?) And many 'new' drugs - even older drugs - scientists don't really have any idea how they work. Most drug interactions are theories, not fact.
    I only ever believe 50% of everything I read or hear, like the news. I personally knew a guy who was in an absolutely horrific plane crash overseas, & the news reported him & all his companions dead. We were all horrified and crying, thinking he was dead & watching the news. Turned out he wasn't. His family complained to the media later, who admitted they didn't know if anyone in the crash was alive or dead - it was all for ratings, selling newspapers, etc (no internet then). THAT taught me a huge lesson.
    Research is often couched in 'this (subject matter) needs more study' or 'a group of people/participants were used for the study'. How do you know biases were not involved? Studies, in the main, are supposed to be reproducable to prevent the above, but when using surveys, you aren't always going to get the same resuts with different or even similar people.
    And BTW, I was speaking about my whole town - not about every major study done re marijuana use. And most of them are maniplated and probably funded by people who are MJ users and/or believers.
    As I said, I don't care if anyone wants to get stoned every night. It just keeps me in a job, and I think, oh well, another one on the long, winding road to the morgue. It's even worse when u see young, stoned kids just laughing at everything - what a waste. Constant MJ use, like alcohol, creates an illusory, funny world that just does not exist. Reality hits home after the person comes down, & then life becomes drab once again. Then, whether they admit it or not, they have to have that 'one little hit' they can 'do without if they really want to', to get back that funny illusory world. It's a cruel, neverending circle man, I've seen many times before with friends and family - and like I said some are not around anymore.
    And on one breathaliser study, EVERY person underestimated what they drank, some swore they only had one drink when it might have been 4 or even 6 (they were secretly filmed & asked about it later).
    I've known many people in my town who used to get stoned all the time, before and after work. You can have functioning alcoholics (my gf is one), and functioning drug users. But I maintain it's illegal here whether you or I like it or not. And in the end, all drug use leads to misery, don't care what anyone says, and probably will lead you to a very cold room in the morgue. And anyone can become addicted - not just long term users. There is research I've seen (don't have it on hand, sorry) that says even a few uses of MJ can get you addicted.
    Very, very sad that people think MJ use is funny and harmless.
    ADD: As I said to another poster, also where is the TOS that says I must back up everything I say with a link to prove it? This is a discussion board on the internet - we can post virtually anything we want and any opinion we want. Getting a bit picky aren't we??
    As I said to someone else, if you don't like my posts, please feel free not to read or comment on them. It's your choice to get upset with them, or ignore them.
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    IMHO - as I tell my children - it doesn't matter what you think. It is against the law. Period. We are not here to say we can choose to follow some laws and not others. If you think smoking pot is OK, then work within the system to get the law changed.

    If you are willing to break this set of laws (the purchase is illegal, the possession is illegal and the smoking is illegal)...what other laws are you willing to break?

    Additionally, I often wonder how many folks who say "pot should be OK" are also against cigarette smoking?
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    I haven't smoked pot in years... but I don't think it's a big deal if someone does it on their day off. I'm pretty sure staying up an hour past their regular bedtime probably has more detrimental effects on a person's mental status the next day than a few hits of pot. Personally when I'm about to get my period, watch out... hello stupid!
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    I don't really care what people choose to do, but if a person lives in an area where marijuana is not legal and could cost them their license, then that person has no right to complain if disciplinary action is received when it comes to light that they chose to break the law.

    Hospitals also have the right to decide NOT to hire employees or use employees who use marijuana. If that's the policy where a person chooses to take a job, that person should not be upset if they are terminated for breaking the contract.