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  1. This question is primarily for people who are OUT of nursing school so I thought I'd post it here. This morning I'm putting together this stupid azz portfolio for my nursing trends project. It contains my personal and professional goals, philosophy of nursing, values and beliefs statement, CV, writing samples, skills list, etc. We're SUPPOSED to use it during the interview process.

    My question is... did you have to do this? Did you ever use the blasted thing for anything? I'm sorry but it seems like a colossal waste of time, and graduates from our program are routinely hired at the job fair (without a formal interview) and I can't imagine that I'll ever use the fargin' thing.

    Input appreciated. You can even tell me I'm acting like a brat cause I know I am.

    Going back to my special K with strawberries now....

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  3. by   caliotter3
    During our last semester we had to compose our own letter of reference for one of our clinical instructor's signature. We were told that we would probably never be remembered at all, so this "generic" letter would be placed in our file for the school's future use! How nice!
    Originally posted by caliotter3
    We were told that we would probably never be remembered at all.....
    How warm and fuzzy!

    Reb, we never had to make this portfolio you speak of. Sounds like overkill to me.

  5. by   delirium
    It totally sucks. You should read my nursing philosophy. It is truly a fine piece of fiction.

  6. by   caliotter3
    I read in the excelsior req for an advanced degree that you can use a "portfolio" option for credit. This would be my "portfolio":
    went to work, did my job as well as I could, went home, day after day; until they got rid of me or I left. End of portfolio. Nursing phil: that's easy! "It pays the bills!" Boy did I get professional over the yrs! I pity you. If it were me, I would pay somebody to do the da.. portfolio!
  7. by   delirium
    I can't believe nobody else had to create a stupid portfolio.

    That sort of irks me. As if I don't have enough to contend with, now I have the opportunity to write essays on my philosophies and beliefs.

  8. by   howie122832
    We had to do one!!! Except we had to turn everything in for a grade, and them we were given back a professional looking binder with everything in it.... the dept secretary had to put everything together for us!
  9. by   NurseWeasel
    Maybe it's a test of your fiction skills, lol. I'm sorry you have to do this, delirium! What a crazy thing. Just finish it up with a little fluff and polish and turn it in. Don't waste too much time on it, because you know you'll never use it. Most likely the profs don't really read it that closely anyway! Besides, surely they know it's 95% BS anyway... not just yours but anyone's. You tell them what they want to hear so you can get a good grade. Why they even bother is beyond me.
  10. by   delirium
    I know. That's why I waited until this morning to put it together (its due in class today).

    I'm so irked I think I'm going to make the wife take me out to dinner tonight..........................
  11. by   ayemmeff
    It's a compulsory thing over here! necessary to renew your registration every three years,and the nursing and midwifery council may ask to see it before they renew licence!
    will post more when I have time or you can pm me!
  12. by   lisamct
    Your portfolio sounds very much like the one we have to do here in the UK but here our registration can depend on it. We are supposed to keep a professional portfolio throughout our career.Every three years we renew our nurse registration and at this time out professional body can ask to see our portfolio. We have to prove continued professional development through the porfolio or they can withdraw our registration.
    Needless to say however I personally dont know anyone who has actually got around to doing their portfolio, certainly neither myself or any of my collegues have, neither have I heard of anyone ever being asked to produce their porfolio on registration renewal, although Im sure it does happen.
    I suppose its just one of those things at the bottom of your list of daily priorities that you never get round to, sort of patient care; collegue support; paperwork; time to eat; time to pee; porfolio, type of thing....
  13. by   delirium
    Hmm. I didn't know it was mandatory in the UK (but then, I don't know much about the UK).

    It seems to be just another pointless requirement of my nursing program, much like service learning.

  14. by   llg
    I have spent much of my career in advanced practice roles in which I have interviewed and hired nurses. Yes, I have reviewed applicant's portfolios and they have helped me make decisions about who I have hired and who I have not hired. A good portfolio can help you land a job for which you are "borderline" and a bad one can prevent you from making a good impression.

    Personally, I'm not all that keen on a person's individual philosophy -- but I am impressed when I see that someone has done a fine job on those types of items. It shows me that they went to a good school, that they do high-quality work, and that they are a "deep thinker." I prefer to hire people who are good thinkers and who have a deep committment to nursing over people who are just looking "for any old job."

    While today's shortage is causing some hospitals to hire just about any RN who comes through the door, the better ones will try to remain as "choosey" as they can. Also, knowing how to present yourself professionally is an important thing to learn for career advancement. Applications for higher level positions often require more than simply filling out a generic application. If you don't learn those skills in school, where will you learn them? It is the mark of a good school that they teach you how to present yourself well. Consider yourself lucky.