Polycystic Ovaries

  1. I have a question, I have been dx with Polycystic Ovaries and other than giving me medicine for the symptoms the doc really hasn't done much. Does anyone know anything about this problem? Any help would be appreciated. I have the excess weight, excess facial and body hair, Pimples on my face and body, irregular menses, Hypertension, High cholesterol, and mild depression. I take Diovan/HCTZ 80/12.5mg, Lipitor 20mg, Paxil 20mg, Birth control pills, and a multivitamin.

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Look at these sites:
    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    Polycystic ovaries can lead to coronary artery calcification, says University of Pittsburgh
  4. by   moni rn

    first, i have to say that i am so sorry that you are going through this. it is not easy! what type of doctor are you seeing? an ob/gyn? re?

    second, i have also been diagnosed with pcos. i have been on glucophage since jan. it has done wonders for me, and i also have been incredibly lucky not to have any side effects from it. my cycles are now 28 days, which i have never been regular before in my life! i have lost over 20 lbs. my acne has cleared up. i take it 500mg tid.

    kara, if you need someone to talk to, please, feel free to pm or email me. also, a great website for support is www.soulcysters.com.

    take care! :kiss
  5. by   KaraLea
    Thanks for the support, I have been to the soulcysters site before and love it. Most of the information I have found on this problem is focused on the infertility part. I go to a OB/GYN, but he wants me to go to a endocrinologist for the PCOS. This has gotten too expensive for me to do as I was out of work and off of insurance for awhile. I have thought of asking for the Glucophage but my blood sugars allready run low, so would the glucophage make them run even lower?
  6. by   micro
    anytime support needed.....we are out there.....

    been there with the diagnosis of "all kinds of stuff" when going through infertility testing.......

    so I(can only speak for myself) had not only the physical, but also the emotional and the hormonal to get along with and "over".........

    without going through it.....a person cannot understand
    (which can be said for just about everything in this life), but
    oh, so true to this subject

    love you KaraLea and all

    micro shares of herself
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    I, too was diagnosed with PCOS last September. I still haven't had a normal period since Sept 15th 2001. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN for Monday. He mentioned last September that he wanted to have me try clomid in order to get pregnant. I put it off b/c my brother is getting married in Oct 2002 and I am a bridesmatron. So, I thought that I would get off my lazy duff and take action. I am going to mention glucophage to him and see what he has to say.
  8. by   KIWIRN
    I know where you are coming from, I too was diagnosed about PCO about 18mth ago.
    I have found talking about it with mates great, in fact a couple of friends went and got checked-outand diagnosed after i talked about the signs and symptoms.
    My GP was not very helpful, but the web was, I don't have the address anymore but i found a useful help site with a support group in USA.(PCOD i think) In fact i gave my GP the information for further use. It certainly seems more common than I was first told!
    the hairyness was what got me but after a waxing & Rx that has not returned. I am on a contraceptive: Estelle35.
    Certainly seems to be working, hardest thing is losing all that weight.
    Good luck
  9. by   micro
    hey, girls and anyone else involved with situations such like this.........

    my love and support to you.....

    I am 99.09% over mine.......and I will do all I can to do help.........

    that is what we are here for.........
  10. by   KaraLea
    I have never had a "regular" menses although it has gotten a bit better in the past few years. When I first started with my menses, I would flow extremely heavy (blood everywhere when I went to the bathroom first thing in the am, changing pads every hour and lasting 3wks at a time) but in the past few years it has been lighter with only 5-7 days at a time but I still skip some months and can start at any time. About 7yrs ago, I had three 3wk menses in a row with only about 3-5 days between. Finally went to the doctor and they did a endometrial biopsy which I finally had to go into the office 3wks later and insist on being given the results (they wouldn't give them to me over the phone...they were all negitive). That hurt like He** and they didn't even give me any tylenol or motrin before doing the procedure in the office. Also did a pap at the same time (without waiting for the bleeding to stop first). The hair, pimples, and weight are what bother me most now. The BCP helps with the irregular menses and the rest of the meds I am on help with the other stuff (chol, depression) I just can't seem to loose weight and the electrolysis was getting so expensive I had to lay off for awile. I also get Reoccurrant vaginal yeast infections OFTEN...usually my mother is the first to notice the odor before I start with the itching.
  11. by   Huganurse
    Why isn't this diagnosed in childhood?? By the age of 12 - 15
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  12. by   hapeewendy
    I was diagnosed with pcos 4 years ago, I had not had regular periods since I started menstruating at 13, I went to my gp and he said that it takes time to get regular for some ppl so just to monitor it , by 18 I went 11 mths without a period and figured I better get my you know what together and get this issue adressed
    went to a gyne who said i had secondary anovulation , cause unknown and said that as long as I didnt want a baby right now i would be fine and put me on the pill.
    okay so bringing me to age 20 when I was diagnosed.
    I was tired of taking the pill so in my infinate wisdom I stopped it at 19, turned 20 and still no periods.
    Went to a diff gyne who invesitgated and diagnosed me with pcos based on my bloodwork at that time i had no visible cysts on ultrasound.
    kept me on the pill and said when I wanted to start having children she would put me on clomid
    end of story.
    I left it at that until now, I'm questioning the diagnosis all together because I was diagnosed with lupus and the rheumie doctor mentioned that my periods could have been all wonky or non existant all together because of the lupus.
    I dont really know whats going on but I can sympathize with you
    get informed like it sounds like you are doing
    arm yourself with info, present it to the dr
    and if your not happy seek other opinions.
    also get support from your friends and others who may be dealing with this problem
    and you always always have us!
    good luck!
  13. by   KaraLea
    My parents did take me to the doc back when I was a teenager but she just said that I needed to loose weight and everything else would straighten out. Later in my 20's, I went to a GYN and she said that she thought it "could" be pcos but after testing my bloodwork she said that no it wasn't pcos. Other docs have said the same thing after doing bloodwork but the latest doc, who actually dx me said that bloodwork doesn't automatically mean anything, that the tests can come back wnl and still be pcos.
  14. by   micro
    BECAUSE OF MY abnormal cycles....TO SUPPOSEDLY REGULATE my cycles......
    oh, the hindsight and the pain of it all.....and as I refuse to feel sadness tonight........the $$$$$ I could have saved on birth control pills and etc, etc........over the years..........

    hey you ladies out there, dealing with such as discussed this thread......you got my love and respect.......
    just get everything out of the medical technology that is out there and do not take no from your doc......demand what you want........because it just may be possible.......

    too late for me, but not for you.........

    love you all!!!!!!!!!
    and take care of yourselves.....
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