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Hi all, I've been reading threads for some time now and have noticed something. Most new grads start of btn 24 to 30$/hr. Mostly depending on area and State. My question is, are these new... Read More

  1. by   mom2michael
    Quote from hogan4736

    you are getting ripped off...

    I made 16/ hour in 1997...
    Yup, I know. The highest new grad pay I found in my area was $16.85 and that was an hour and 15 mins. away and their insurance was more than what I pay now plus when you factor in the driving distance....I make more now right where I am at. .

    Be that as it may - I'm stuck where I'm at for at least another 9 years because of other obligations in my life.....
  2. by   futurecnm
    Wow, $16/hr. that is terrible. Nursing assistants with no experience start out at $13/hr around here. I will be an intern this summer at close to that as well. That is too bad that a RN would be paid so low with such high responsibilities. I find that pretty depressing. I think that RN's around here start in the mid 20's/hour. As much as I love my future career I can't say I'd do it for only $16/hr. It wouldn't be worth all the schooling costs and work I'm going thru now as student.
  3. by   semperfi8688
    $21 and change and hour here to start, shift differentials, weekend differentials and sign on bonuses along with it. "NorthEast Area"