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:) I have been diagnosed with plantar fascitis. I know that it is s inflammation of the connective tissue of the soles of the feet. My question: does anyone here have any suggestions on how to cope... Read More

  1. by   Vailgang
    I also have this wonderful problem. or should I say I used to. I did the steroid shots, orthotic and NSAIDs. They worked for several years then it came back. I then repeated the whole process, only it didn't go away. So I had a new procedure called orthotripsy surgery. No incision, you can go back to work in a few days. It was great. If you want more information just let me know.
  2. by   rebelwaclause
    I remember denying orthotripsy's as not a covered benefit on most health plans. If it really works, I'd pay outta pocket for it...

  3. by   cargal
    My podiatrist is submitting the paperwork to prove that all other treatments have failed, and I will be having orthotripsy when the paperwork goes through. I am very excited.
  4. by   kimtab
    I had this in one foot, for a year and a half before it went away suddenly on it's own (it was literally one day I had it and the next day I woke up without it). My doc told me to buy arch supports, to wear lace-up shoes. He talked me out of orthotics as being an expensive alternative to store-bought arch supports but I wonder of he was right about that one.

    I abandoned the arch supports because they made my shoes fit wrong and they didn't seem to help much. I did stick with lace-up atheletic shoes whenever possible and also started wearing an ankle support I found in the drug-store, it wrapped around the foot too so I found it provided some support. I also took one advil if it was bothering me in the morning. These measures helped, and like I said- one day it just disappeared and it was like I never had it. Go figure.