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  1. Howdy folks,

    I am considering leaving the small hospital where I work for a physican office job. I know it will be a cut in pay, but I am thinking that the regular hours will benefit my family. My son was just diagnosed with IBS and he's only 9.

    I am wondering what exactly a physician's office job would entail. I have fears that I won't feel like I am nursing anymore. It seems like most nurses in doctor's offices come in and take vitals and then leave. I am NOT insulting or trying to flame, I am just trying to learn what the job entails so I won't be shocked. As I don't feel I get to spend enough time with my patients in the hospital, I was hoping to do more of that in an office. I would love to spend lots of time educating.

    Any thoughts??

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    Around here most of the physicians don't have actual nurses in their offices. They're either MAs or Rad Techs (mostly the ortho docs there.) I was a medical assistant for 5 years and an RN for 2 more in a general practitioner's office.

    My duties were those stated by nur20 except we did have a bookkeeper for the payment part. I really enjoyed the work and the ability to follow up and see what a difference could be made in people's lives. I still have many of our former patients as friends.

    The salary is quite a bit lower than mainstream nursing. BUT I got free medical for my family and myself. I was afforded discounts by other physicians....I think they can't legally do that anymore.

    The hours were long. VERY long. On our half days (Wed and Sat) we would stay sometimes from 830-4.

    If you think you might like it, I say go for it.

    Good luck.

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    Yes, it does help, thank you!
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    One of the reasons I was considering this was for better hours. Do you think those long hours are a common practice? I know the pay would be less. I am hoping that I won't have to pay for insurance, I know the residents there don't. I'll know more tomorrow.

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    Laura, "MY doc" was the only one for 30 mi in any direction. He had a case load of over 60,000 potential patients.

    Plus.......he was so nice, he couldn't turn anyone away. y current doctor is very regimented and Im sure they get out right on time. You also have to WAIT sometimes a week or more to see him......

    I preferred MY old doc to tell the truth.
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    Thanks, P_RN, that gives me something to think about.
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    Laura - I worked in a pediatrician's office as an office nurse for just about 2 years. I'd like to tell you I liked it, but I didn't. Perhaps working only with adult patients would be different, I don't know. The kids weren't a problem, it was the parents!! (And yes, I am also a parent!!). The docs kowtowed (sp?!) to them somethin' fierce and the nurses were never right. We would get those calls at 4:50 pm (office was supposed to close at 5 pm) that mom had just picked child up from day care and he had coughed once and they were leaving for Bermuda the next day and could she please bring him in? But, most of the time, there was one nurse who had already been assigned to stay late in case that happened.

    BUT, the biggest problem for me was working in such a confined space with three doctors for 8 hours! Oh my gawd, how I hated that!! It's different in the hospital. They come in, spew their wrath and leave. In an office, you still have to work with them all day. I found out that I just wasn't strong enough for that. Guess I'm just a weakling at heart.

    Obviously, not all doctors are like that, and I'm sure there are good doctors offices to work in. I hope I haven't bummed you out, I just thought I would give you another perspective. Oh, another thing....where I worked the pay was lousy and they acted like they were doing me a big favor when they gave me a 26 cent raise one year.

    It's a good thing I'm not bitter though!!
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    I worked in a GP's office 2 days a week, for a year when I went back to get my RN. Everything that has been mentioned was part of our day, but we also had to set up rooms for gyn, lacs, sigs, whatever, and then clean them up. We stocked the rooms, washed, repacked, and autoclaved the instruments, and did phlebotomy. We also did the lab call backs, and frequently did not leave until 7 at night. That part can be rough. It is great not doing weekends though! Best of luck with your decision, and with your son.
    P.S. I forgot allergy shots-every Thursday afternoon was allergy and hormone shot clinic, in addition to regular pt. load.