peri-orbital edema

  1. Ok guys- I need some input here. Can anyone tell me the causes of peri-orbital edema? I have run searches on Yahoo and Google, with no success. I understand that it can mean hepatic or nephrotic involvement- but I don't really get how. I understand that nephroticly- the build up of protein in the system can lead to this, but what is the link? Hepaticly- I have no clue. Can anyone help? Or if anyone can post a link to the causes- I would greatly apprecitate it. Thanks!
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  3. by   P_RN
    Hypertension can be related to liver problems. The loose tissue surrounding they eye is one of the frequent sites for edema.

    Hypoalbuminemia is a low level of albumin (a protein) in the blood due to proteinuria. Low albumin in the blood causes fluid to move from the blood into the tissue, causing swelling. The kidney perceives the decrease of fluid in the blood and aggressively retains as much fluid and salt as it can. This contributes to the body's fluid-overload state.
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    My daughter had that just recently, due to Mononucleosis.
  6. by   nimbex
    any diagnosis that can cause increased capillary permeability.... poor capillaries then "leak" causing the swelling.... even severe malnutrition with low serum albumin causes fluid shifting