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When I received shift report for my very ill, bed-bound patient, the RN giving report pointed out the tracker affixed to his anklet. She had admitted him a few hours earlier and did not know the... Read More

  1. by   Dafabb
    Actually no it would be most inappropriate whether you know now or not. First off if they look at the Nurse who looked this up she would under most circumstances be in some big trouble. That is going outside the realm of the hospital. Secondly there are no young children in the hospital that he would ever see. Even working in a prison most of us do not know what offenders are in here for. We are not there to judge their sentence but to take medical care of them. You should not use this in any note you write as it might come back to bite you in the butt as to how do you know. He has an officer with him at all times. Over all they are all usually very polite and accommodating. Your ignorance is your bliss!. They put an ankle monitor on them when they come out of prison just in case they escape. There could be other reasons he has it but it is no business of yours....You could be opening yourself up for some legal reprisal to comment on any of this. Leave it alone and do your nursing job to the best of your ability. Just an FYI on "sex offender(although this one was explicit) If a man has to urinate quickly and goes behind a tree and does it, looks up and a family of 4 is walking down the street and see him, he can be charge and stamped a sex offender even if he is no such thing. So beware of what you see is not always what you know......
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  2. by   Dafabb
    The charge Nurse and especially security know this before they hit the floor! At least we always did....
  3. by   vbright
    I am not an RN & neither do I work in a hospital; simply going off my basic common knowledge.
    First of all, the on-coming nurse simply received the news from the out-going nurse that the patient was a convicted sex offender based on a internet-name-search. She might have done a follow up internet-search or not, nevertheless the source is secondary not to based as clinical information.
    Secondly, the on-coming nurse did the right thing by being curious about that "something around her patients ankle". However, her curiousity should have ended there. She should have immediately consulted with her case manager or supervisor to report that, since every hospital follows different policies regarding such matters.
    End of story!

    Thank you,

    Victoria Bright
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  4. by   vbright
    Why does it have to be only a family of four?
  5. by   NunNurseCat
    Ok so...patient identifying information obtained from hospital records was used to perform an internet search into that patient's personal life? Wowwww.
  6. by   bathrobemom
    We know everything about the people we take care of, we see them naked, we ask them when they had their last BM and what it looked like, but it's a violation of their privacy to know why they're wearing an ankle bracelet? This is a safety issue, just because they got caught for "lewd and lascivious with a minor under the age of 14" doesn't mean that they haven't committed a crime with someone older.

    That information would not influence my care, I don't need to have blinders on to make sure I'm at my best for the people I care for. I would want to make sure that I'm safe and that other people on the floor are safe, though. I don't want to freak out and make a big deal, but I do want to keep an eye out for inappropriate behaviors. It doesn't have to be a big issue to keep an eye out for yourself and others.
  7. by   Rose_Queen
    Quote from bathrobemom
    This is a safety issue, just because they got caught for "lewd and lascivious with a minor under the age of 14" doesn't mean that they haven't committed a crime with someone older.
    Using that logic, every patient should be considered guilty until proven innocent. A sick, bedridden patient with an ankle monitor is unlikely to be a danger to staff. A combative patient not wearing an ankle monitor is likely to be a danger to staff. All the nurse caring for this patient needs to know is what's relevant to her job: the fact that the monitor is there and the condition of the skin under it.
  8. by   AngelKissed857
    And if the patient is allowed to be on an ankle monitor, he has been deemed by the court and parole officer not to be a threat to the community, he's being allowed to prove his ability to follow the rules. His criminal background is just none of our business!