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Hypothetically......if the unit you were assigned to, was made to split a medication cart.........and if one LPN wanted you to administer meds while she pulled the meds...would you? And if this LPN... Read More

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    The things we have to do to be able to feed our families... I am so sad, frustrated, and angry. But also proud that we know the right way and many of us do right. Fight the good fight, my cyber friends, and may the good Lord bless and keep us safe and favor us with His lovingkindness and protection.
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    Quote from leslymill
    Don't want to derail the thread cause I did post about it somewhere. I was orienting in a hospital and my preceptor refused to waste 1mg of a 2mg vial of Ativan that I had to sign out for on those pixis machines. I had to document I watched a waste before the machine would spit out the vial. She insisted on double dosing the patient against her and her doctors will because she pulls out IVs and fights wrist restraints. She acted like I was a new RN instead of one with 20 years of experience and was hysterical saying the patient "would die from respiratory arrest" (duh, call the doctor) I told the DON I felt this was a violation of the nurse practice act and had to be reported. Six of the nurses on the floor immediately wrote me up for everything from not being able to calculate a 24 hour intake and output record to not being able to collect a clean catch urine specimen. The list was long and stupid. No patient was harmed and I stand by all my decisions I made at that facility. My license is under probation but I doubt I will ever find a job in todays market driven health care environment. I feel like a risk not because of my patient care but because I HAVE A TOTALLY LOUSY ATTITUDE NOW.
    I am sorry this happened, and I thank you for sharing your story with me.