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    Look at these numbers, 44 thousand people screened in Turkey, 213 treated for infections, presumably with Tamiflu. This is just one country, we are talking about. How much Tamiflu is there in the world today?

    Every time the disease appears in poultry, cullers and the people nearby are frequently treated, with the so called Tamiflu blanket.

    Egypt's newest case is a four year old girl:
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    The 16 year old Laotian girl is being treated in Thailand. Her condition is described as critical:

    Two suspected cases in Afghanistan:

    I also held off on reporting this Egyptian woman's case because of the inconsistent reports. It does appear that she is a positive case:
    Good grief! The story changed again!

    This is new. The Chinese are confirming a human case of bird flu:

    Update on the Afghan patients, they are now reporting negative test results, however, we have had many examples of negative cases that were later discovered to be positive.
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    A message from HHS at, includes some PSA videos:
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    the hard decisions about the distribution of tamiflu or any other meds that have proven to be effective or even partially effective will have to be made on regimens that we have not used in past years

    we have stressed that the elderly and the sick have first shot but if this becomes a human to human contact we are going to have to protect the younger level of the population these will be the ones most effected and these will be the ones needed to give care for the young and the old
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    Vietnam, no longer bird flu free:

    Burma, keeping it a secret from its own citizens:
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    Confusion continues over the Indonesian agreement with the WHO over avian flu isolates. Let us hope this will be straightened out soon as this info is vital:

    Discussion on the ethics of a pandemic flu vaccine distribution:
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    Quote from oramar
    They mentioned on news that there is a new scale out sort of like the way they rank hurricaines and earthquakes. This will rank severity of flu outbreaks. I hope to see a link here soon.
    Here is a link to a pdf from the govt's panflu mitigation strategy, and it is very thorough. Page 9 begins to explain the ranking system for pandemic severity. The graphs are nicely done.
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    This is interesting. A survivor of H5N1 in China has donated his serum to be used to treat a woman in critical condition with the same disease.

    Apparently this has been tried before and was successful:
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    Is a virus property? Who decides? When a pandemic occurs, the world needs the right vaccine for the strain of that particular virus causing the pandemic.
    We do not know which strain it will be. Witholding viral isolates from a country where the disease is endemic becomes a very worrisome problem.

    The public health folks at Effect Measure have made this suggestion about
    producing vaccines for this emergency:
    Quote from
    The best solution, as far as we can see, is to remove influenza vaccine entirely from "the market." We advocate a series of a dozen or so regional international vaccine institutes, financed by UN member states and having the technical and productive capacity to produce vaccine at cost for their region. At the moment we are stuck with the current market-based system and some temporary arrangements will have to be jury-rigged. But in the near term it should be possible to establish the kind of system we are talking about.
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    Second Laotian victim suspect, has already died. Again, they say she has an H5 avian flu, but also say that they can not be sure it is H5N1. Humans have never contracted any other H5 influenza other than H5N1 so I think it is safe to say this is it.
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    This is a very good and easily read essay about a news on line article that touches on the dilemna of how to protect the public from a dangerous disease yet keep the economy going for the good of all. Can this even be done?
    Is is ethical? What do you think?

    Here is part 2 on the same subject:
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    Has any one ever seen this before from the selective service website?
    Not for implementation in peacetime, yet designed for mobilization in an emergency if approved by the President and the Congress. It would not take much to change the wording a bit to fit a perceived need.

    Something to think about. They wouldn't really do this, would they?
    (hat tip PIF/kr105)


    The Health Care Personnel Delivery System (HCPDS) is a standby plan developed for the Selective Service System at the request of Congress. If needed it would be used to draft health care personnel in a crisis. It is designed to be implemented in connection with a national mobilization in an emergency, and then only if Congress and the President approve the plan and pass and sign legislation to enact it. No portion of the plan is designed for implementation in peacetime. If implemented, HCPDS would:

    Provide a fair and equitable draft of doctors, nurses, medical technicians and those with certain other health care skills if, in some future emergency, the military's existing medical capability proved insufficient and there is a shortage of volunteers.
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    Egypt, second child recovers from bird flu. It is interesting, and very welcome news. These last two kids were younger than school age, the age of the usual seasonal flu victims. They survived avian flu whereas teenagers, and young adults did not. Why is that?