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Are you ever enraged by patients who really show no visual signs of pain but say that their pain scale is 10/10 and demand their pain shot every time it's due (thinking that they should know when it... Read More

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    as i said before, one can't come here and expect 100% agreement from others that respond. i didn't say anything negative, i simply stated my opinion.

    you stated, "adequate nursing care is taking care of all your patients." if you are blowing off your pts who are suffering in pain due to some preconceived misinterpretation of the pts right to have pain relief, then in your own words, adequate nursing care is not being given. not everyone is drug seeking and all pts have the right to expect adequate care. i have no problem taking care of my critically ill pts right along side of those who need pain meds. so, before you tell me to go work at the pain clinic, how about you get more experience under your belt than the one year that you have, work on your time management skills, maybe take a pain management seminar, and come back and talk to me in about 10 yrs or so. an inpatient bed is the place for all pts who need care. too bad if that statement ruffles a few feathers. it is the truth.

    not all pain can be managed at home or on an outpatient basis. there are those that come into the er with unexplained abd, chest, head pain etc...that need further diagnostic testing done and pain relief in the meantime. they can't all be kept down in the er until a definitive cause can be found. i never said that i was a better or more caring nurse, those were your words. isimply have empathy for pain sufferers, and believe they have the right to relief without being put on the back burner so to speak. in addition, i'm not one who's quick to label a pt a drug seeker. also, i seriously doubt that a highly educated, experienced physician is going to admit someone with no good cause, just for a "legal fix."

    i can only deduce that you have no personal experience with severe and/or chronic pain. consider yourself lucky in that aspect. if that day ever comes for you, you better hope that you have a nurse with empathy and a clear understanding of the importance of adequate pain relief. now, if you are finished with your personal attacks and are through hijacking the ops thread, have a nice day.


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    i do have more than a year in experience. and for the 2 years i've been a nurse, i have seen it all because i have worked everywhere. and like i said, if they deserve to get high on an hourly, then i deserve to be frustrated. like i said, all my patients deserve to be taken care of, not just my people in pain. and i've seen end-stage cancer patients not call as often as an otherwise healthy 20 year old with craters in their face. it's not fair to my dying, critically ill patients, and it's not fair to the nurses who have to do it.

    you don't think physicians admit patients just to be admitting them? yeah, i know, they use all kinds of diagnoses to make excuses for wanting to have a reason to bill someone, but so be it. that's what they get away with. it's just a shame that the truly sick people get sent back home all the time. even i can see the bottom line. you don't need 20 years of nursing experience to have some common sense.

    i have had pain from ovarian cysts and migraines that would kill an elephant. the pain has been bad enough to ask the lord to take me right then and there, but you know what? i learned to cope through non-pharmacological methods. i'm not saying everyone has to do this because some pain can be unrelenting, but usually, those people are not drug seekers. they have an underlying cause for pain. i don't believe in taking all kinds of drugs into my body. they are not natural and they do nothing but harm in the long run. it is not fair that patient that are post-op or status post total hip get tylenol, while the construction worker with track marks gets dilaudid. it's not fair and i will always be against it. i'm going to always speak on it because it's not right. the whole healthcare system is not right, it's very much screwed. i may have to give them their fix, but i don't have to like.
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    Such anger in this thread. I'm truly amazed. I'm personally attacked (no idea why), others are slammed for saying that they don't agree with the poster, people feel that I'm not humble enough to "apologize" for something I don't have to apologize for. Such anger. Makes me really wonder.
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