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HI, I need help....a girl I know had her baby about a month ago and she has Herpes. I know her doctor knew but I am unsure if she was on medicine the last month of her pregnancy or not...well now the... Read More

  1. by   lpnga
    thanks lausana and nell......
  2. by   MishlB
    Yes, apparently you are the only one who can save this child...I was wrong. Forgive me.
    Originally posted by lpnga
    ....My question is What are the symptoms and what should I do..

    Pardon me, but the OP did ask the question "What should I do?"

    Surely she didn't expect everyone to answer the way she wanted, or she shouldn't have posted.

    As for putting the OP down? The OP was the first I saw get aggressive and offensive and downright chiildish ("you get on my nerves" and "get a life")

    You absolutely cannot expect to post a question or ask for advice here and always get the answer you want. You have to be prepared for that. You said it yourself, difference are what makes the world go round.

    I have a question. You seem very knowledgable about what all of the docs are aware of, and whether or not the outbreak was active. How close are you to this situation that you can't just say this to the mother? You obviously know her well enough to know all of this info that you could only know if she told you.

  4. by   emily_mom
    Good points Heather, as I was just going to post the same thing.

    You asked for opinions and you got them. Surely you don't live life through rose-colored glasses and thought you would only get people that agreed with you? Is that mainly what you were looking for?

    I thought your post to Mishi was EXTREMELY childish. Just because it doesn't agree with you doesn't make it wrong.
  5. by   Q.
    What does OP stand for?
  6. by   ayemmeff
    Original poster,Suzy.
  7. by   lpnga
    obnurseheather and emily_mom,

    Yes I know this mom very well...she has no one in her family that will listen to her or help her..they see it that she got pregnant so she can get herself out of it...and I am just a person who can help her....yes I was very happy that MOST people agreed with what I WANTED to do. I just wanted to see what others would say to see if I thought I was right on what to do...and as for getting aggressive first...MISHLB said it was none of my business, but sorry if it saves a childs life or from having mental problems then yes it is worth it..and if you go and find other post and threads that I have posted then you would see that MISHLB and I always hit heads on things...We just don't see eye-to-eye on things at all...and every post I make she says it is none of my business or she is worried that I am not an LPN but I am a CNA...God for bid that I be a CNA and at the time I became a member I was in school for my LPN.....I often ask questions on what to do about school and how to help pay for school and things like that and she always says well go and talk to your financial advisor......well i have done that I just post here to ask and I tell everything my advisor has told me and put those options on the post...I have noone in my family who has ever gone to college and they don't know or understand any of it and don't care to give advice on it because they don't understand it....this is a place for advice and I just want help..that's all...
    So have you talked to this mother and presented this info to her about how dangerous of a situation this is? That's what I was getting at when I asked how close you were to her.

    As for the 2 of you hitting heads.... I have always made it a point to leave a disagreement with any poster in the thread in which it occurs. I have argued with someone in one thread, and joked with them in another, in the same day.

    When the time comes that I feel like there will always be trouble with a particular poster no matter what the forum, thread, or topic, then it is time to put that poster on ignore. If you feel so strongly about this, then I suggest you do that too. But telling someone to get a life and not to post to "your" threads, well, that just lessens people's opinion of you.

    Bottom line is, you knew what you wanted to do when you came here.

  9. by   lpnga
    yes i knew what I wanted to do when I came here..i just wanted to see if others agreed and if they did disagree then I would see the reasons they gave and if it was a good enough one then I would listen...yes I have printed all of this out and gave it to her as well as other web sites.....and I was just reading another post and we actually agreed on something...I WAS SHOCKED.....and I had to email her....I also did not know about the ignore thing...